Jagged Edge Partners with Singersroom.com to Take Fans to Dinner

New York, N.Y., September 26, 2007 – Singersroom.com, The Web’s most popular magazine for R&B, launches the exclusive Jagged Edge Listening Party and Dinner Contest in conjunction with Island Records to promote Jagged Edge’s latest album “Baby Makin Project.” Starting September 26th, users can log onto Singersroom.com and listen to the “Baby Makin’ Project” and chat with other users about the album. Provided by Meebo, the chat feature will allow fans to communication with each other and preview the album whether there at home, on campus, at work, or traveling foreign lands. While enjoying the hits from the “Baby Makin’ Project,” users can enter the Dinner Contest for a chance to win dinner with Jagged Edge. The grand-prize winner and a friend will get to chop it up with Jagged Edge over dinner, while the runner-up will receive an autograph copy of the Baby Makin’ Project. Jermaine Dupri re-signed Jagged Edge to So So Def through Island Records/Def Jam. Together they have produced a plethora of hits establishing Jagged Edge as a major brand in R&B. “We represent men who don’t know how to represent themselves. Females have pronouns, verbs and adjectives and they can tear you down real fast, if you are not quick on the draw! So, we are telling all of our homeboys out there, if you believe in love, put on that new JE record and tell your woman” says Wingo Be sure to pick up the NEW Album BABY MAKIN’ PROJECT In Stores 9/25! Visit www.Singersroom.com/releaseparty/je/ to listen, chat and enter the “Dinner with JE” contest.


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