Another James Brown Love Child Comes Forward, This Time With DNA Proof

R&B Legend James Brown’s legacy is being tested again by a divorced mother-of-two who claims she’s the Godfather of Soul’s secret love child. Following months of family squabbling about the late singer’s funeral, estate and will, LaRhonda Pettit has come forward with staggering news; proof that she’s Brown’s daughter. Pettit – the spitting image of the soul legend – claims she met Brown briefly in Texas in 2003, but he refused to acknowledge she was his daughter. The single mom kept quiet about her paternity but when Brown died in December, she underwent a foolproof DNA test to find out once and for all if the man her mother told her was her father was, in fact, Brown. And now she’s going public with the results of the test – a 99.99 per cent probability she is the soul man’s daughter. Speaking exclusively to America’s Globe tabloid, Pettit says, “I look like my daddy, I walk like my daddy, I talk like my daddy. I even have bow legs just like my daddy. That’s because I’m James Brown’s eldest daughter. I’m just heartbroken he isn’t alive to hear me tell him.” Pettit now hopes to be embraced by the rest of Brown’s family, but admits, “I’ve tried to reach them, but they’re not answering my calls.” The disabled former flight attendant is also hoping for a windfall inheritance from her late father, so she can launch a new charity aimed at helping others find their real parents through DNA testing. She adds, “I’m going to call it Children Under The Stars. I want to help people so they don’t have to endure the same heartache I’ve had to endure.”


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