Lydia Caesar: Life Is Love

We all have a voice but only some people realize that they have the power to touch and create relationships with thousands or millions of people and Lydia Caesar, from MTV Making the Band, holds that special gift. Lydia’s path to vocal enlightenment came along with the birth of her daughter. During the pregnancy she realized her power to touch the emotions of people on different levels and the rest is music history in the making. Caesar combines a funky style, theatrical background and sultry voice that fans can emotionally relate to. Kick off your shoes and step into the mind and soul of Lydia Caesar.

Singersroom: What made you want to pursue a music career?

Lydia Caesar: When I got pregnant is when I really decided to go after it. I know that can be kind of strange to some people but it inspired me to take my singing to another level. I just felt really creative and that is when I started recording when I got pregnant in 2004. That is when I really started to take my writing seriously and create music.

Singersroom: Did that make you write openly to express your personal feeling?

Lydia Caesar: Definitely, I feel like it was destiny because it gave me a whole lot of material. Having my daughter changed me so much. It made me smarter. It was my defining moment. It affected everything like personal relationships with others; it changed my outlook on a lot of things and made me a strong person. So it inspired me on so many different levels to write about different subjects.

Singersroom: How did your participation in ‘Making the Band’ motivate you to develop as a songwriter?

Lydia Caesar: ‘Making the Band’ is the first thing that made me write at all because when I went through that I was nineteen at the time and I was just a singer. I sang my whole life; I sang at church, I would sing at school and talent shows. I did ‘Making the Band’ and one of the guys who was working for Bad Boy asked if I write and I said no. He was like you really need to start writing because that is what really completes artist. Right after that I bought a black and white marble notebook and began writing. I would write songs and come up with the melodies; one of the best songs I have now is one of the first songs I wrote.

Singersroom: What song is that?

Lydia Caesar: It’s called “Life Is Love”

Singersroom: You have a unique sense of style, how important does that play into you as a performer with your theatrical background? Do your clothes help you morph into character?

Lydia Caesar: I have always been into fashion; I guess I get it from my mom. She studied fashion in college. I guess I like to feel colorful and exciting usually when I’m on stage; I like to look like something different when I’m on stage just to be more appealing. I do think I sing and I have enough talent to carry me to the point wear I don’t have to be naked but I think my sense of style kind of complements my music style as well. Also, I am in college and my major is theatre.

Singersroom: Theatre, Is that something you want to pursue career wise?

Lydia Caesar: I want it as well but it is very difficult to pursue music and acting. It is really hard because acting requires a lot of work, like you should audition at least once per week if not more. I did ‘Hamlet’ last May, I played Ophelia and it is so time consuming. I made a decision that I am going to try to get my foot in the door with the music first. Then once I get an album out under my belt then I can stretch my wings when it comes to acting.

Singersroom: It’s good that you are getting an education and getting your career off the ground.

Lydia Caesar: I didn’t always want to finish school and I still kind of don’t. My parents were like I should go to college and I said to myself if I’m gonna go to college I’m gonna study something I really want to do. At the time I was only going to do acting so I got an education which I think is great. It is one thing to be born a natural born actor. I think it is something God gives you from birth, but when you study there are things that help you to develop that natural given talent. Same thing with voice lessons, I feel every singer should do voice lessons to help you develop what you already have.

Singersroom: You were a radio show personality for a South African station, did that give you a feel for what listeners want? Did it have an effect on your song creating process?

Lydia Caesar: Honestly I would say the show didn’t really help me when it came to song choice. I would say it helped to develop my personality as an artist when I’m on stage or in front of people. I am not as nervous as before that whole experience.

Singersroom: So are you gonna start taking off your shoes now (laughter)?

Lydia Caesar: I have done that before (laughter). I wear mostly heels. When you get really into it the last thing you want to happen is for you to fall (laughter). So it is like I’m gonna give it a really good show or I’m gonna hold back because I have heels on. At the end of the day you want to give it your all so sometimes the shoes have to come off.

Singersroom: What is it now that makes you really want to pursue this career in music?

Lydia Caesar: I am getting out there and doing these shows and seeing the response has really inspired me. I know how music makes me feel and I am a very emotional person; music moves me on so many different levels. Certain songs make you feel happy…there are certain ‘love songs’ that make me want to hold their hand and hugging them; certain songs make me want to cry. Music has that power over people and just knowing that my music should touch people…made me feel like this is something I need to do to reach people on many different levels. I feel like I do have a place in this industry and people need to hear from me.

Listen to Lydia Caesar’s Melody Love —— By: Interview By Adeniyi Omisore


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