Akon Under Fire For ‘Lewd’ Stage Dancing

Junior National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds is expressing outrage over the conduct of R&B singer Akon at Club Zen nightclub on April 12, 2007 calling the superstar a “convict” and saying that he should be charged for “lewd dancing” stemming from his role in the incident. “I am hoping that the police will investigate this matter to see whether there is any possibility of action against all who may have committed some civil or criminal offence,” according to Trinidad & Tobago’s Newsday. Akon’s wrongdoing originated from a “dance contest” that featured “indecent” sexual conduct with 15-year-old Danah Alleyne, the daughter of Paster Dave Alleyne. The Junior Minister is also coming down heavy on the other adults involved in the incident, including those present at Club Zen, as well as Club Zen’s owners, saying that while Danah was “young and wild” she was deserving of “the protection of the adults” present. “I saw adults in that function cheering him on — including men who should have been protecting the (girl) — they were cheering on this foreigner who came here and abused (her) in that fashion.” “I saw women and males cheering on that man and that makes me sad about those who were present. And I feel a sense of deep sadness that some police officers would not have been present and feel the sense of moral indignation that I feel and arrest his tail.” For the management of Club Zen, the Junior Minister had these words: “I am told — because I have never been to Zen —that this is not the first time that this has happened with foreign acts…I would like to say to the owner of that place that he has a duty to ensure that the “18- year-old law” is enforced.” The Junior Minister said that he was going to raise the issue in the House of Representatives when he closes debate on the Equal Opportunities Bill on Wednesday, noting that one of his colleagues had already done so.


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