Marques Houston: A New Man

As artists grow older, there taste in music also transforms. “Veteran” R&B singer Marques Houston is a true example of this phenomenon. For a former member of the teenage singing group, Immature (also known as IMX) Marques is anything but at this stage of his life. Now twenty-five years young, CEO of TUG Entertainment and a keen know-how on relationships, Houston is sharing his “grown up” knowledge with the rest of the world.

Singersroom: You were quoted saying, “I moved from a young man to a man,” how do you feel you are catering to the adult audience on this album?

Marques Houston: I would say this album is more relationship driven because it is from my own personal experiences. Being a twenty-five year old man I feel like I have had a lot of experiences, some of them younger people can’t relate to and some they will be able to relate too. But definitely the people my age, twenty-five and above, can definitely relate to it because it is really relationship driven, personal, being in love, being out of love, breaking up – making up, and all that.

Singersroom: Breaking up and making up is not bad!

Marques Houston: It definitely is, especially when you make up. (Laughter) That was the last album though. This time around is when the fellas did something wrong and your girl won’t talk to you. Now you can be like baby listen to that MH song; she listens to it and your back in the game. (Laughter)

Singersroom: So, you made an album that is less “bump and grind” when everybody seems to be taking there clothes off. Why did you approach the album this way?

Marques Houston: I didn’t have a direction I wanted to go with this album. I was going through a lot as far as relationships. I had just gotten out of a relationship so I was kind of heartbroken. I started writing about that in the middle of the album. Then I got with another somebody, who really made me happy, so I wanted to write about that also. Then we broke up. It was just what I was going through at the current time in my life and I just wanted to write about it.

Singersroom: You still with somebody or do you have somebody new?

Marques Houston: I got somebody new; she is the most recent one. She is the star of my life right now.

Singersroom: It almost sounds like a picture gallery?

Marques Houston: (Laughter) I’m notorious for that, a lot of my friend’s tease me like damn you need to settle down. The thing about me is if I’m in a relationship I devote all my time and attention to that relationship. I don’t cheat, I am not out running the streets, and my girl never has to worry about me hooking up with somebody else because I’m really into that one person. I’ve been raised well!

Singersroom: With you being older, people still seem to categorize you with the young singers like Omarion, Chris Brown, etc. Is that frustrating for you now that you are older and you are going towards a different course?

Marques Houston: Nah, it’s not frustrating. I believe this album will speak for itself and people will see I’m a lot more mature than that. This album is not made with young music. The sound and the process of the whole album are coming from a twenty-five year old stand point. There is no way it can be immature, no way a 16, 17, or 18 year old can really relate to the stuff a twenty-five year old man can. It is life experience, maturing, learning certain things; you learn what not to do and what to do. I don’t mind that all the solo male artists get compared to each other in some kind of way, it doesn’t really matter.

Singersroom: Are you still going to take part in Scream Tours or are you focused on a different audience?

Marques Houston Interview

Marques Houston: More of a different audience. I’m trying to do some shows with Robin Thicke, people my age. No more Scream Tours though.

Singersroom: Being older means you’re now getting grown man bills and have to pay taxes, I’m sure that’s not as fun as being younger?

Marques Houston: That’s right you have to pay taxes, handle you, and bills. Now I’m the CEO of T.U.G entertainment so I have another responsibility, running a company. Being a man to me is really important but having your priorities in order starts with God. Always keep God first, that is the number one priority in your life and everything will follow.

Singersroom: You have been in the entertainment business since childhood and you managed to not end up on E Hollywood stories of child singers/actors gone bad.

Marques Houston: I had a really good influence in my life, Chris Stokes. He was always hard on me about not drinking, using drugs, and never getting caught up in the Hollywood hype. I had a really good influence! A lot of young men don’t really have positive influences in their lives. I think a lot more young men need more positive role models. I’m certain they will do a lot better if they have that force.

Singersroom: What stories did you have to leave off the album?

Marques Houston: There were a lot of stories I had to leave off. (Laughter)

Singersroom: A lot of good ones?

Marques Houston: The good ones I put on the album.

Singersroom: They are all good but every individual has a different perspective on what they think is hot. Somebody else might think its wack and vice versa.

Marques Houston: It is a hard medium to do something everybody likes because the music industry is divided. Half of the people like this and the other half like something else. You never really get 100% of everybody on one song or to be on one team. It is really difficult picking songs.

Singersroom: Since this is a transformation album, what do you miss from your childhood?

Marques Houston: Not a lot, I had a wonderful childhood. I got to play basketball and do all the kiddy things I liked to do so growing up was fun. But now I’m a man and I look back on it like ‘cool.’ I had my childhood – it was great but now I’m a man; I have to step up to my responsibilities. —— By: Interview By Adeniyi Omisore


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