Threat Boyz: Total Package

These Boyz are a Threat to the game! Maybe it’s because they were blessed to be able to sing, play instruments, produce, dance, rap, write, and even choreograph. Or maybe it’s because they have worked with artist such as Bow Wow, Ciara, Kandi, Mario, and B2K. None the less, this multitalented group made up of Gregory “Geezy” Teasley, Demetrius “Dee” McIntosh, and Victor “Vick” Carter has used their versatility and swagger to create their own form of R&B called G&B (Gangsta & R&B). The Threat Boyz are more than prepared to throw their talent into the hot southern musical gumbo that has been heating up for the last couple of years. With ear teasing joints like “Strawberries and Whipped Cream” and “I Like,” the world needs to get ready for these show stopping singers with a touch of gansta.

All of you guys have been dancing, singing, and producing for years. How did the Threat Boyz get together?

(Geezy): Well, we got together because we were all doing our own separate things. I was producing and dancing. Vick was dancing and rapping?everywhere! Dee was in a dance group called Project Carolina. Me and Vick met in high school. He was one of the best dancers and I was one of the best performers. Soon after we met up with Dee at a dance show, it so happened he could dance real good. And it’s been history ever since.

As an artist you should be able to size up your competition. On a scale of one through ten what would you give the following artists? Omarion?

I give him an 8 because he can sing and dance? I love his music!

What do you think he could improve?

He could improve vocally.

How about your boy Chris Brown?

I give him a 10. I like Chris Brown; he’s a good singer and a good dancer. He’s the total package.

How about Marcus Houston?

I give him a 7. I’m not trying to knock no one’s career.


I give him a 7 too.

Bobby V?

I give him a 5 because he’s just out there? he don’t stand out to me.

Many people have said that the Threat Boyz and Pretty Ricky have similar styles. So what do you think of Pretty Ricky?

Pretty Ricky? I give them a 4. I mean they cool? it’s just what it is. I don’t understand? I still don’t understanding the comparison between us and Pretty Ricky because we are strictly R&B; they are a rap group with an R&B singer that raps. We are more geared to R&B. The singer in their group is not doing any verses, he’s just singing on the hooks. Then you have three other rappers that are dancing. It’s really a rap group! I don’t see any comparison at all. I don’t know if it’s because we come off as more thugged out because of songs like “Strawberries and Whipped Cream.”

Would you call the Threat Boyz a boy band or is that a bad word?

I wouldn’t think of it as a boy band. We play instruments also. We are trying to perfect all aspects that need to be perfected as far as dancing, singing, performing, actually entertaining, and rapping. We are trying to make it hard for other groups to come after us.

If you had to put the Threat Boyz in a box? what would the box be called?

The box would be called G&B?gangster and R&B.

You guys have worked with some big names in some way shape or form. Who and what have influenced your group and how have you maneuvered in this rough music business?

It didn’t really change us, it just made us look at what to do and what not to do when we look at everyday business. Look at any group that came up in front of us.

(Vick) I mean it did influence us by what to do and what not to do and ways to make our own group better. What influenced me was Michael Jackson and how he’s so clean and precise. Just all about being on his stuff and seeing people like Sammy Davis Jr. and the Nicholas Brothers. How they danced and how they told a story with the music. That’s inspirational. People doing what they love and making money. But it’s not all about the money, this is what I love doing?.so you put your heart and soul into it and you create what you call a threat to this game.

If you had to come up with an R&B dream team of all time, who would it be?

(Vick) The person that influenced me was Geezy, when I met him at school he influenced me to work hard and be on top of my game. He produced, he danced, and he wrote so he inspired me to do a lot. Then I met Dee? when I met Dee he was always dancing. The answer to both of your questions is I’m with the people that influence me. They helped me be a better person and they influence me to do what I do. So that is my R&B dream team? Geezy and Dee. So Threat is the group.

Does your music relate to the younger crowd? Will the older folk be able to relate to your music?

(Vick) We are 21?aint no bubble gum in our music. The young kids are going to gravitate to it anyway. I’m not going to downsize what I’m doing. We don’t do a whole lot of cursing matter of fact we don’t do no cursing at all. But we still keep it grown man though.

If you were going to get your Jay-Z and Beyonce on, what female R&B artist would compliment you as a partner?

(Vick) Beyonce? no. I have to say Ciara? she compliments me.

I thought you said Beyonce?

(Vick) I went with her but Jay-Z got her. I’m going with Ciara. This is Geezy and I’m going with Beyonce. This is Dee and I’m going with Kelly [Rowland].

What if your shorty said,” I want you to choose a tattoo and tell me where to put it.”

It will say, “Gee is fine and it will be right by her pelvic area.” Mine is going to say, “Vick on her back, her leg, and her arm. And it’s going to say hands off on her pelvic area!” It’s going to say, “Dee and it’s going to be on her booty!” (Laughter)

The people need that album! When is the album coming out?

Yup the album is coming out hopefully in December.

How do you feel about this whole East Coast vs. South thing?

(Geezy) I think New York City music makes you listen up. It’s laid back? makes you want to just chill out. ATL’s music makes you want to get out and dance more. Get up and make you move. Make you get crunk. (Vick) Everybody got their time. I think New York City had their time but I just think now it’s the South’s time. South came with a new sound. As of right now, the South will win? not knocking New York City. They are a great state, they had their time; one day it might be Arkansas time. I’m just saying it’s the South’s time.

The South is winning right now. What does the Threat Boyz have to offer the winning team that will be unique to the R&B game?

(Vick) There is no group out there that can sing, rap, and dance for real and produce their own stuff. Gee is coming up with all the beats and we coming up with all the choreography. Collectively we’re doing everything.

Are you all R&B superheroes?

We are going to take over. We got a lot of kids looking up to us. We are going to set a path for them.

When the Threat Boyz have reached that point and you are receiving Grammy’s, who will want to work with you or who will have worked with you by that time?

(Vick) J.D. going to want to produce for us. Timberland is going to want to produce for us. Omarion is going to want to jump on a track. Jay-Z is going to want to do a song with us. Michael is going to want to do a song with us. Everybody?I think everybody!

Any shout outs? Anything you want to say to the people?

We appreciate the support from everyone for a long time. We have been doing this for a long time. It’s been a struggle finding the right deal. We just appreciate everyone that has been holding us down. I appreciate my mother especially. Yeah. So that’s what it do. —— By: Interview By Deyior Dunbar


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