Dominique: Fighting Barriers

Dominique made her world premier on Diddy’s Making the Band 3. Dominique is a young and talented R&B singer who is currently searching the industry, looking for a door to break in. Learning a lot about the music industry from working with Bad Boy, Dominique is trying to take her game to the next level by dropping an album full of the everyday experiences of her life. Preferring to stay out of the dance studio, Dominique is focusing her attention on preparing an album that accentuates her amazing vocal performance.

Wassup Dominique. How are you doing?

Dominique: Hey – I’m doing well.

Have you been having a busy schedule lately?

Dominique: Yea. I’ve been focused on the inside things like going to the studio and personal training; just getting my whole situation together.

Do you plan to keep incorporating a lot of dance into your routines?

Dominique: No I don’t. Actually, you never know what happens when you go to a label, but I would prefer it if I didn’t have to dance at all just because I want my audience to be focused on my vocal performance. Not my appearance or dancing ability.

What’s going on with you in regards to your career?

Dominique: I’m in the studio right now trying to get my own project together to present to labels. I’m focused right now on making sure that what I have to present is quality work.

When did you start singing?

Dominique: I started singing when I was 2. I never pursued a career until Making the Band. My whole life has been dedicated to my education and making it to college. Once I was there my mom made me audition for the show and I made it, and that was it. Once the show was over that’s when I decided to pursue my career.

You heard about Making the Band through your mom?

Dominique: Yea (laughter).

When you went to audition did you think that you would win?

Dominique: I took it one day at a time to be honest with you. In the beginning I was only doing it because my mom asked me to. I had confidence in myself, but I was not expecting to make it past the first stages because over 10,000 girls auditioned. So out of 10,000 you don’t necessarily feel like your going to be one of the 20 girls that end up in the House.

What city did you audition?

Dominique: D.C.

Are you a D.C. native?

Dominique: No. I’m a Bronx native.

You’re a Bronx native but you auditioned in D.C.?

Dominique: I live in D.C. now but I was born and raised in the Bronx.

Is the industry what you dreamed it would be?

Dominique: No. I don’t know if I ever dreamed about what the industry would be like. I never really had anything coming into it that I assumed. I never had any presumptions or anything like that about the industry. It’s smaller than I expected and a lot harder to break into.

What was it like working with Diddy and Bad Boy in the studio?

Dominique: The studio was actually my best experience. I had a lot of fun with the producers and the artists he put us in with. That was probably one of the best experiences of the show, being in the studio.

What’s the name of your project?

Dominique: I haven’t got a name for it yet.

Do you have creative control over your project or are there people from Bad Boy who handle the direction you’re going in?

Dominique: Oh no. My affiliation with Bad Boy is really done. After the show they offered me a demo deal and I didn’t accept it. After that I decided it didn’t make sense. If I wasn’t going to take the deal then it didn’t make sense to be there.

Are the songs that you are writing for your album from personal experiences? Are you doing a lot of the songwriting?

Dominique: I am doing a lot of writing. I’m working with some great writers as well. It’s definitely a collaborative effort but a lot of it is just my own experiences. I’ve been through a lot in life but I haven’t necessarily been through a lot of bad things. So I think it’s going to be a new sound because a lot of people have a lot of heartache to talk about. I don’t necessarily feel like I encompass a whole bunch of that.

During the show Diddy used to raise questions about your figure. Did that ever discourage you in any way?

Dominique: In the beginning it did because?to be honest with you for my whole life I looked like the rest of the world. But I guess in terms of the industry I have a few more pounds than everybody else. To me it took getting used to because in regular society I’m considered to be regular. I have a few friends that are thick and they call me skinny all day. So it was weird in the beginning to have him say that but I had to really get used to the fact that people in the industry are like 10 times skinnier than the rest of the world. Once I got used to it I tried to slim down but I don’t want to be a size zero – you know what I’m saying? It’s not where I want to be. If that’s going to affect me?then I got to figure that out later.

Where do you think you’re going be in three years?

Dominique: Hopefully, I will have a phenomenal record deal at a label where I’m happy with – at least one album out by then and a huge fan base. Also, in 3 years I really want to be deep into charity, community service and fund-raising. So, if I can get my money up then I can start giving back, and that’s really what my goal is.

It was nice talking to you. Do you have a date when the album will be out?

Dominique: It’s still undecided. I don’t even want to make up a date for you. But it was definitely good talking to you. —— By: Interview by Gus Dunbar


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