Brooke Hogan: Unexpected Fame

When people first tuned in to ‘Hogan Knows Best,’ the reality series on VH1, they thought the only star in the family was the chief of the house. Instead the show spotlight drifted over to the Hulksters’ daughter, Brooke Hogan. The show, like many other reality TV shows, provided viewers and would be fans with a direct connection into the life of Brooke. After meeting super producer Scott Storch, Brooke was able to ink a record deal before her father jokingly told Scott to sign Brooke or get body slammed.

Now that you have your TV show and an album, what has been the difference between doing the show and doing the album?

Brooke Hogan: Well first with the TV show people used to come up to me and say “Oh my God we love your family on TV, we love you guys.” Now I have people coming up to me saying “Oh my God we love your music, this is so awesome.” That is ten times better to me. The show got me known by people and now that they are recognizing my music; it really touches my heart.

Watching the show, it seemed like freedom and control were under your father’s management, did you have creative control on this project?

Brooke Hogan: Yes, I definitely did have creative control on everything. Every song I listened to, I made sure that it had something to do with my life so that I could relate to it. Everything that I wrote came directly from my heart and experiences that I have been through. I picked all the music I liked. Scott [Storch] would make some tracks and I was like “I can totally dance to that.” I love dancing and moving my body.

On the songs that you wrote, what were they about?

Brooke Hogan: Heartbreaks; every girl goes through it. About walking into a club and seeing a guy you really really like but he doesn’t even know you’re there (laughter).

So, is it hard for you to find a guy in the club?

Brooke Hogan: (laughter) It was because I wasn’t eighteen. My dad is very over protective of me, but the second I turned eighteen he was like you can come and go as you please and he also gave guys the green light to approach me. There like “oh she’s eighteen, she’s legal now.”

You seem very family oriented. How did your family affect you when you were working on this project?

Brooke Hogan: I really needed them to support me through this whole thing because if I didn’t have anybody around that believes in me, I probably wouldn’t be so headstrong. (laughter) Everything that I did they supported me every step of the way, so it was really important for them to be there because I don’t want to second guess myself.

How did you find time to make the album in between shooting the television show?

Brooke Hogan: It was hard because we had to get up at eight o’clock in the morning to film the TV show all day. Then at night I would have to go to the studio with an hour nap if I was lucky. We would stay there until seven o’clock in the morning. It was crazy. I was trying to get sleep where ever I could. If I could steal a couch for a few seconds I would.

I was watching the episode of ‘Hogan Knows Best’ when you were doing your video and your weight was an issue.

Brooke Hogan: Yea, my dad knows there is a lot of competition in this business and I felt very healthy and fit. (laughter) I had to get down for the video. I tried really hard. I’m a Taurus so I’m very headstrong, I won’t do anything unnatural to get skinny. I’m just like ‘if I can’t get any skinnier than this then you guys have to deal with this.’ I just ate really good and worked out really hard.

Do you feel like you have to portray a certain image in the industry to make it, as far as weight, size, looks and things to that nature?

Brooke Hogan: I do but at the same time I’m headstrong and I have the underlining belief that Hollywood is so ‘classic’ today and I want to be the one to change it. I want to be like listen girls, you don’t have to be bulimic to be popular and you don’t have to be anorexic to look beautiful. There are so many little girls out there but there are no really good role models for them right now; that’s kind of where I want to step in.

It would be great for you to represent.

Brooke Hogan: Yeah it would. —— By: Interview By Adeniyi Omisore


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