Cherish: A New Beginning

Besides the fact that they are all sisters, what does Farrah, 22, Neosha, 20, and twins Felisha and Fallon, 18, all have in common? They are the members of the new model group Cherish. These young ladies are sophisticated enough to appeal to the grown folks yet edgy enough to wow the younger audiences. But Cherish is not new to the music industry. The sisters first hit the scene in 2003 under the guidance of hit producer/label exec Jermaine Dupri. The girls’ super tight harmonies and unique flavor made fans take notice. Unfortunately the world didn’t get to really experience what Cherish had to offer. So this time around these ladies are coming full force, ready to show the world what they didn’t get to see before.

Where did the name Cherish come from?
Cherish: It’s funny because we were sitting in the hotel room trying to come up with a name for the group. My father, which is our manger asked us “well what do you cherish?” Do you cherish what you do? We said yes and that’s how the name Cherish came about.

Cherish originally came out in 2003, what’s the difference between then and now?
Cherish: Well it’s very different coming out now because with this album we have more creative control. When we came out in 2003, we were young and we didn’t have much of a say in what went down. But this time around, we were able to write every song on the album, which makes this album very personal for all of us.

What can we expect from this album?
Cherish: From this album you can expect realness. Expect to hear all of our individual voices. A lot of crunk tracks like our first single “Do It To It”. Also expect a lot of acapella singing.

Is there anything you are trying to prove with this album?
Cherish: Being that this is our second time around we feel like there is more pressure. That’s why it makes this album that much more personal for us. Listening to this album everyone will be able to understand how personal it really is.

Is it easier for you guys to work together being that you are sisters?
Cherish: Yes, much easier, we get along with each other. We don’t get offensive when one of us says something to one another. We have great chemistry. It would be harder to work with people that we weren’t related to. Yes we do disagree at times but it’s all good.

Cherish on

Your appearance is very sophisticated yet sexy and classy how important is image to Cherish?
Cherish: Image is very important to us. We want people to see us on TV or in a photo and see that we are approachable and down to earth. So image is definitely very important to us.

Musically, who are your inspirations?
Cherish: I would have to say Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Earth Wind and Fire, a lot of old school cause that?s what we grew up listening to.

Who do you feel is hot right now?
Cherish: Chris Brown, Beyonce is coming out strong with her new solo album, and Ne-Yo. A lot of people, but those are the first that popped in my head.

Any crushes on anyone in the industry or anyone you find attractive?
Cherish: I think a lot of people are attractive, but Omarion is really cute. He will be on our second single. I think he’s really cute.

Who would you like to work with and have not got the chance to yet?
Cherish: I think I would really like to work with Ne-Yo. He’s a songwriter and my sisters and I are songwriters so I believe it will be a great collaboration.

What’s next for Cherish?
Cherish: Wow, a lot is coming up for Cherish we will be the opening act on Chris Brown and Ne-Yo’s “Up Close And Personal” tour. Look for us everywhere if possible.

—— By: Interview By Kathy Cabrera


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