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LeToya Luckett, formerly one of the original members of Destiny’s Child, is ready to show the world why she is the real H-Town Chick. After the Destiny’s Child media battle and split in 1999/2000, LeToya moved on to start a new RnB quartet with Latavia Roberson, also a former Destiny’s Child member, called “Anjel.” However, plans fell apart and “Anjel” never had the opportunity to flourish. Soon after, LeToya decided that it was time to pursue a solo career. She signed with Capital Records in 2004, releasing her first track called “You Got What I Need.” As a solo artist, LeToya has worked with several mainstream artists including Houston’s Slim Thug and the The Neptunes. Now with the opening of a successful clothing boutique, moves to Atlanta and Los Angeles, modeling and acting coaches, a successful mixtape knockin’ in the streets, and her hit single and video “Torn” smashing the charts, LeToya’s destiny looks bright at the end of the tunnel.

Singersroom: Was it difficult for you to transform from a group member to a solo artist?
LeToya: It was definitely different, more so than difficult; I was always accustomed to having my sisters on my side and I was use to performing with them on stage. But I have been working by myself for nearly six years, so I’m use to it.

Singersroom: What was your inspiration behind your new hit “Torn”?
LeToya: I have been through bad relationships before and I know people experience similar issues, I know they could relate to what I am singing about.

Singersroom: Who are some of the featured artist on your upcoming album?
LeToya: Well, y’all know I have to represent Houston, so I have Mike Jones, Slim Thug, Paul Wall and others.

Singersroom: What artist or producer would you like to work with in the future?
LeToya: Honestly, I am open to working with anyone with talent. If I had to give names, I would love to work with Kanye West and Kelis. Yea, I really feel their style and their music so I would love to work with them in the future.

Singersroom: What message are you trying to promote on this album?
LeToya: Basically, sticking to your dream, pressing on, working hard, and no matter what, stay persistent, you can achieve what ever you want, if you stick with it. Also, I’m trying to let people know that I am someone you could relate to, because there are many tracks on the album that I’ve experienced and sang about and I know people who really listen to my album can relate to most, if not all of them.

Letoya Luckett

Singersroom: Being that your album release is this summer and shortly after Beyonce’s second album “BDay” drops, do you think there is going to be competition?
LeToya: No! Not at all, Beyonce’s doing what she does and I’m doing what I do. We both have different situations and messages in our music so I don’t think there’s going to be any ‘catfight’.

Singersroom: How is the relationship between you and your ex-group members from Destiny’s Child?
LeToya: It’s good. I saw them a couple of days ago for the first time since all of the original chaos occurred. We were all excited to reunite. We conversed for two to three hours on clothing, shoes, new designer bags, and the current activities in each other’s lives. We have all matured and grown in so many ways that it’s ridiculous, but for the most part it was cool.

Singersroom: As a shopper, I would love to hear about your boutique. What can you tell me about it?
LeToya: Of course, it’s called Lady La Boutique and it’s on its third year. I started the boutique because of my love of fashion and shopping. I’ve always admired different fashion trends and being that my mother is an entrepreneur herself; I had the motivation as well as the support. The boutique carries a trendy denim line and great clothing, it’s ideal if you are in a rush, as many of us women are. I guarantee that you can run in and out and still be more than satisfied with your purchase.

Singersroom: Are you going to expand the business of the boutique? If so, what location?
LeToya: Expansion is in the near future, but for right now, my music is priority. As far as where I would like to expand, I’m not sure, we will just have to wait and see.

Singersroom: As we know, there are many R&B singers on the scene at this moment. What qualities do you possess that make you unique as an artist?
LeToya: I possess my own story. I’ve been through a battle the past years, as many of you might have read. But above all, my personality is my best quality, I am in tune to what people want, because I listen. I am also very social and fun to bug out with.

Singersroom: What songs are in your iPod at this moment? Who do you enjoy listening to?
LeToya: Uhmm. Right now I have Babyface, Michael Jackson, Ne-yo, Destiny’s Child, and Yolanda Adams. But my preference is anything old school.

Singersroom: Is there any man in Ms. Latoya’s life?
LeToya: Right now, no. My life is very focused at this time on my career. I don’t even have time to look.

Singersroom: What’s next for LeToya Luckett?
LeToya: Ideally, I want to act. Since I was younger, I always dreamed of being on the big screen, so keep your eyes open, that might be my next move.

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—— By: Interview By Georgena Sapong


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