TQ: Street Soul

He?s been behind the scenes himself before, through his internship. Now he?s giving you a chance to go behind the scenes of the music industry. TQ?s new DVD, ?Street Muzik? will hit the streets on January 24th. Before he shows the ins and outs of the music industry Singersroom.com was able to get the scoop from the soulful R&B artist. All we had to do was, ?Listen.?

Singersroom.com: So what?s the story behind the DVD you have coming out on the 24th? What is the whole concept?

TQ: I did the film thing when I co-directed my video for ?Bye Bye Baby.? I enjoyed it and decided I wanted to do this DVD. My whole plan is to show a different side of the business. The side yall don?t get to see in the videos. The good, the bad, and the ugly, of the whole industry. It?s for entertainment and education, all that! Singersroom.com: Where did you get the footage and coverage that you included in ?Street Muzik??

TQ: I took it straight from the tour I did for my last CD, ?Listen.? It?s real! Artists don?t want their fans to see what goes on behind the scenes. Most of them play the whole entertainment role. They show the woman, the cars, the money?you know. They don?t show the frustration and things that go down when the cameras aren?t rolling.

Singersroom.com: Describe your music for me.

TQ: I?m personal with my music. I write about things I?ve dealt with. I don?t mind my fans knowing what?s really going on with me.

Singersroom.com: How do you feel about music today? Do you like it?

TQ: So many people are trying to make music for the money, the rides, and the woman. It?s wack. I bet Marvin Gaye is rolling over in his grave right now. I wanna hear the good stuff. Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gaye?I have nightmares about music. R&B these days is all a gimmick. It has no heart no soul. It?s all about an image. Why can?t a big girl get up there and blow? It?s the same thing with hip-hop. I wonder what Pac and Raekwon would think. Mary J has been out forever and she?s still the hottest!

Singersroom.com: Is there a difference between East Coast and West Coast music? Do you have a preference?

TQ: They?re like night and day. The East Coast is fast paced. It?s New York, Philly, and D.C. Everybody is on the move trying to go somewhere and get something done. The West Coast…all of us are sun drunk. We like that daytime life, kick back and chill. We like the slow beats.

Singersroom.com: Do you have a preference between West Coast and East Coast Music?

TQ: I?m West Coast at heart. I don?t do anything fast?except run! We can?t get into what each other put out musically. The South and Midwest are the best of both worlds. The beats the two areas put out are a happy medium.

Singersroom.com: So what are you up to now since the DVD is done?

TQ: I?m in Houston finishing up my next album. I?ve done so much serious music; it?s been a long time since I?ve done anything light. I am the record company now?I?m an entrepreneur. I?ve proved my point to the people who love REAL music, now I?m going to do something light and happy. There are a few tracks for the ladies, you know some love songs! —— By: Interview by: Meka Stephens


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