Urban Mystic: Spiritual & Soul

A dynamic young man from Florida with an unusual stage name and powerful, cutting edge vocals caught the attention of several knowledgeable fans and the music world in 2004 and 2005, with his debut CD, the SoBe Entertainment/Warner Brothers Records release, “Ghetto Revelations.” This energetic twenty year old writer, musician, arranger, producer, rapper and singer is truly “Mr. Versatility.”

Maintaining a strong religious background, Mystic defines his music with inspiration from gospel music and his childhood, “I grew up in the hood and I heard gun shoots at night,” explains Mystic. His deeply rooted background along with his close family ties is portrayed in his music and gives the positive influence he intends. “I feel good – real good that I’m able to get out and express my feelings and myself to everyone,” explains Mystic

As a newcomer, people aren’t too familiar with the music you’re bringing to the table. How would you describe what you’re doing on Ghetto Revelations II?

Ghetto Revelations is just what it is, a revelation to be fulfilled. It’s me bringing my gifts and my talents that was given to me and presenting them to the world (you know) as for as my R&B gifts, my Hip Hop gifts, my rap gifts, and my producer gifts; you know I’m just gonna bring it to the world. I’m just ready for it, that’s the revelation of me, Urban Mystic.

Coming from such a spiritual background, soul and gospel music must have always been around. What other types of music were you into growing up that have helped mold your style?

As you just said, definitely spiritual soulful music, definitely R&B music, that real R&B rhythm and blues, Hip Hop Definitely; actually this album has a lot more Hip Hop than my last album did. I’m improved on this album, I felt good about it a lot and if it sounds good, it’s good (you Know).

I feel you, so who are some of the artist that you listen to now or that you looked up to when you were younger?

(Ahh man) I grew up listening to Jodeci, Shy, H-Town, going back a little further Bobby Womack, The Temptations, a lot of artist like that influenced my life. Hip Hop wise, I listen to Biggie and Pac, you know growing up listening to these guys really put an influence on my career.

I noticed that you actually did some production on the album. Did you also write on the album?

I did a little writing on the album. I wrote on one of the tracks on the album called “Back It Up” featuring my man Stacks and my other boy… I also got another track on their, that was written by my brother, I speak about him a lot in my first album, Chris Johnson; he wrote a couple tracks on this for me. I got platinum producer and songwriter Pooh Bear out of Atlanta; he wrote for usher, 112?list goes on. It’s basically me taking what I got and turning it into something well worth.

How did you link up with El Debarge and what was the experience like working with him?

(Laughter) That’s throw back right their. I was actually in New York recording on my first album; he was at a session with his brother Chico, in the same building that I was recording. He walked by the room and heard me singing and he peaked his head in and then he came in an introduced his self. I was young at the time, I didn’t know who he was, I knew about Chico but not about El. He told me that he wanted to write and produce something for me. He wrote and produced a song for me right on the stop, just like that. That’s why we called it the ‘Mystic Spot’. He was a very cool down to earth brother.

Do you think that you have a signature sound?

Yeah, I think my sound is very deep; a lot of people look at me and at my voice and can’t believe my voice is coming out of my body. I can’t figure it out myself, I guess it just starts with the talent, I guess it’s just god given talent.

We actually had ‘Long Ways’ from your first album on Singersroom, and it received a lot of good feedback from our visitors. If you had to pick one song on Ghetto Revelations that best represents what you and your music are about, what would it be?

If I could pick one from my album, I would pick “I Refuse”, a ballad slow song. It’s really me singing, the way I like to sing, the way I like to express myself, I really get down on that song and expressed the feelings of myself. The track is one of the tracks produced my Scott Storch, its crazy

Yeah, Scott is killing them right now

Yeah he definitely killing them, so that’s just icing on the cake

What have you been doing since the release of Ghetto Revelation?

I’ve been almost over this whole country, just traveling and touring. I’ve been to New York, LA, Chicago, Tennessee, the list goes on

How was that experience?

It was great, It’s definitely a great experience to get out and see the world, experience different things, meet different people in the world, see how other people are living their lives. It’s cool you know.

So lets take it back a little bit, when did you first know you wanted to be Urban Mystic, the recording artist?

I first learned I wanted to do this seriously at the age of 13. My older brother took me in the studio and he put me on one of the tracks that he was working on. When I heard the track back; I always used to hear myself sing, from listening to myself, that was my first time hearing myself played back on tape, I was like ‘wow’, that’s my voice on that tape. It sounded good, so it made me wanted to pursue this and make it a career. Ever since then I’ve been at it for real

Now if we look forward a little, what else do you see in your career after you conquer this business of music?

I definitely want to get into a lot of things, definitely want to get into movies, just make a living man, open up a lot of businesses. I’m a businessman you know, so I like anything business related, you know open hotels, get into real estate, you gonna hear a lot from Urban Mystic; clothes line, shoes, glasses, hats, anything?(laughter)

Is there anyone that you would like to Collaborate with in the future?

Theirs a lot of people I would like to do songs with, I would definitely like to cut a song with Alicia Keys, I like her style of singing and I like her voice, she got that sexy grown up voice. Mary J. Blige, I definitely wanna do a song with Mary, I grew up listening to Mary, she is definitely an inspiration on my career as well. Cee-lo Green, Anthony Hamilton, I wanna hook up with Usher?

Any thing you want to say to your fans or anyone that’s struggling?

For the people that’s struggling, keep your head up; hold your head, I’m praying for you, so keep praying for yourself. For my fans, I just wanna say thank you, thank you for supporting me, thank you for giving me an opportunity to come out into this game and show my stuff. I’ll never disappoint you; I’ll keep bringing it to you live? —— By: Interview by: Gary ?Jus Music? Gentles


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