Tony Hussle: Funkadelic Lineage

A lot of people talk it, some people live it, but Tony Hussle was born a rock star, he was born into the family of Parliament Funkadelic?s. The Plainfield N.J., native started playing the piano at two years old. True to linage Tony left his house with nothing but a keyboard searching for his path to the red carpet. On his road to stardom Tony has been through the slums and profiled the superstars?Now Hussle sat down with Singersroom to tell us about California rainy days, high school sexapades, and to educate men on how to treat a lady.

When did you sign with Warner Brothers?
Tony Hussle: Last year on November 22nd.

How did you work to get the deal with them?
Tony Hussle: Good music, practice and when preparation meets destiny you got to be prepared.

A lot of people say Funk has flown off, how are you bringing it back?
Tony Hussle: Well it did fall off cause a lot of people that was doing it wasn?t really doing it, I mean they wasn?t the funk.

What gives you the funk and what is Tony Hussle?s music?
Tony Hussle: Tony Hussle?s music is just a collage of a lot of people I was inspired by. My mother taught me how to play the piano. My uncle was the lead singer of Parliament Funkadelic (Glen Gonis) and he was one of the producers. He had a big hand in creating all that music we party to today when we hear ?Flashlight? and ?One Nation Under a Groove? and all those other good records George (Clinton) made. I think the difference is lineage, it?s like Muhammad Ali?s daughter comes from Muhammad Ali so of course she can be the champion. Hussle come from the lineage of the funk-soul, so of course I can be the funky champion and put it in a way where people can appreciate it with a Hip Hop feel.

So did you think leaving home at 21 with nothing but a keyboard, that you would make it this far?
Tony Hussle: Yup!

What lessons have you learned from your experiences in the industry?
Tony Hussle: I think it?s destiny. I think to be a Rock N? Roll star you have to live it, mostly all Rock N? Roll stars were homeless. They all came from the bottom, you know what I mean. Dudes in the church, left the church, you know what I mean. I?m a musician so automatically an outcast. People look at musicians like they?re crazy anyway because they will go beyond the limit to write down and play on stage and make people feel good. Some people make it and some people don?t, some people are called by God some people are not. I know I was called by God, if God didn?t ordain me to do this and give me the talent I wouldn?t be here. When I was like in first grade I was the only guy in school that could play the piano. When I was in seventh grade, 1,800 kids in there; I?m the only one that can play the piano. When I got to high school 3,300 in there, I?m the only one in there that can play the piano. Everybody would tell me I was destine to be a star. I always acted like I was doing interviews years and years ago, and acting like I was talking to Jus Music from But I wasn?t talking to Jus by now I am.

Did religion play a big part in your career?
Tony Hussle: Yea, because I had the Holy Ghost when I was little. So, I know the feeling when I make my music, I make sure I got the feeling when I?m doing it. Everything I got on my record?I had a certain feeling that came over me to create and write and to actually produce it to a full song. I just don?t write everyday, I don?t pick the guitar everyday and write a song. I pick up the guitar everyday to do my practice and scales. I play the piano everyday but I don?t write songs everyday. The only time I write songs is if I?m going through something and then it has to be worth writing because you have to write what you feel everyday of your life.

I try to write my songs?where everybody can relate to it because I think everybody went through what Tony Hussle went through. You were young, had a girlfriend and cut school to go over her house. You tried to get the p***y and she said wait. You talked to a girl before and tried to get the p***y and she said she was a virgin. You might be married or you might have lived with a girl and you wake up in the morning horny and she is getting dressed to go to work and you want to get some. She saying ?No No No? and your saying ?Yea Yea Yea? just give me five minutes. You got some time just give me five minutes. Then yall start doing it and then her ride come blowing the horn, calling the house phone. I?m quite sure you f**ked somebody else girl before and the reason why you f**ked her was because he was slipping.

Can you tell us about the reason why you wrote some of the songs on your album?
Tony Hussle: ?I?m Comin Home? is about me not being with my girls (daughters) to do the music. I know they like where daddy is at but he ain?t around. But I am around cause what I?m dong it gonna shape and mold their future. They?re little girls now and they don?t understand it. It hurts me that I have to endure this pain but it is a good pain. Because a lot people don?t have their fathers or sometimes their father is not doing something big or they locked up. That?s why I wrote ?I?m Comin Home.?

I got ?It Does Rain in Southern California? on my album because when you look at the homeless people it is raining, that?s the rain I?m talking about. You gonna see the guy on the corner…with a sign in his hand that says I?ll work for food or give me a dollar and God will give you a blessing. I seen a girl with her clothes on and she said ?she had been wearing them for eight days in a row.?

?I Sell Music? is about what I want to do, sell music. I?ve been playing the piano since I was two years old, my mother taught me everything I know. So everything I wrote on my album is a collage from my life since I can remember me being alive up to now.

Do you think you?re the new Super Freak?
Tony Hussle: No. I think I?m Sexy, Freaky, Electric. I don?t think I?m the new Super Freak but if the world say I?m the Super Freak, I?m gonna be the Super Freak.

What is this album saying to the females?
Tony Hussle: The females is gonna love it. ?Sexy, Freaky, Electric?: when the females hear it, this is what they want their boyfriend to be about. Female fans with boyfriends are gonna say ?Why don?t you be like Tony Hussle.? They gonna be listening to a song on my album and they all gonna be going through it. They could be in the happiest relationship, but she never had an orgasm before. Right now she tell him that you better put some work in because I want to cum again and again and again. (laughter) And that is what you want a girl to do. It is accolades for a man, it?s your ego. My mother heard my album and she said ?I always wanted your father to be this way.? —— By: Interview by: Gary ?Jus Music? Gentles


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