Na’Sha: Poetic Truth

The powerful words from verse to chorus composed into catchy melodies, start in the form of poetry. Na?Sha (pronounced Nay-Sha) is a gifted singer and songwriter that penned her story to music from Scott Storch, Cool & Dre, James Poyser?that depict her portrait. On her journey through life and the music industry Na?Sha has stayed persistent and is now bringing ?inspiration?, so that other people will be given the same inspiration to follow their dreams.

How did your background shape you musically?
Na?Sha: I grew up in Columbus, Ohio and I started off at five in a church choir. The roots of that gospel music?are just the best singers. It molded my voice. And also my mother raising me right had something do with me pushing on when doors were closing. So I think that it helped me a lot.

You said that you?re ?a songwriter first then a singer.?
Na?Sha: Yea I would have to say that. I wrote my first poem when I was about seven and after that I never put down a pen. Because after I wrote it I turned it into a song. That?s how it usually happens now. I write poetry everyday and then I usually turn it into a melody?then to a song. I love to write.

How is that different from being a singer?
Na?Sha:Well I wouldn?t call it different, it?s just a leg up on the singing part. It actually helps more for me to be able to put things to poetry cause that?s what a song is. It is really poetry, and that?s what I do. It is not any different but it helps me on a different level cause I can write for me and somebody else and that?s what I really want to do.

How much creative control did you have on your album?
Na?Sha: I had all creative control when it came to the writing portion of this record. I wrote 13 out of the 15 songs on the record.

Your album is titled ?My Story?; what do you want people to walk away with from your story?
Na?Sha:I just want them to really get inspiration from my story. I haven?t had the worst past but I haven?t had the best either. Through those situations I talk about on the record, I really want people to take away from it that in any given situation you can make it as long as you believe in yourself and you put your foot forward. Nobody can determine if your gona sink or fail but you.

How did you get discovered by Pure Records in Ohio?
Na?Sha: I got the call from the label from Florida, they had heard my demo. Initially they flew up for the meeting and that whole day we spent together getting the feel for each other. I learned his (Joseph Safina CEO of Pure Records) background and what he wanted to do with his company and everything. I felt comfortable, so when I went back (Ohio) I grab all my stuff and came up here in my little car. My little Mitsubishi Galant can you believe that.(laughter)

What was the process once you got signed, did you start working on your album or were you writing for other artist?
Na?Sha: Actually, when I came here I was working on my album. I hadn?t had the experience in writing for other people, just strictly myself. Coming up here I got the opportunity to write for Trina and a lot of other artist?Whitney Houston recently. It was all opportunity when I came up here, this has been my blessing, my safe heaven up in Florida.

You have a lot of heavy named producers like Scott Storch, Cool & Dre, Jame Proyser on your album. How did you hook up with them?
Na?Sha:Well they were affiliated with Pure Records. How Scott Storch came along was that the CEO of Pure Records Joseph Safina, had a studio already which Scott Storch was working out of. So then he introduced me to him and then we did a couple of crazy tracks and the same for Cool & Dre.< br>
How was it in the studio working with Cool & Dre?
Na?Sha:Cool & Dre are just like Wow! You have to just sit back and say Wow.(laughter) These boys are so talented and creative. They really do it, they really put their hands into the music and get it done. I love to work with Cool &Dre. They listen to you and what you want, you don?t really get that from a lot of producers. They listen to what you want and put it down for you.

What?s your favorite song on your album and why?
Na?Sha:My favorite song is ?My Story? and is the album title. It?s a very personal record and it tells you about me. I am able to express myself better through songs so ?My Story? is all about me and my background and how I had to overcome. It is a real deep and personal record, and you?ll get me out of it.

How was the experience of going on tour with Shaggy
Na?Sha: This man?s fan base is ridiculous! He did his very first song down there and people knew it word for word. It is just so crazy to get up there and see that. I was asking him ?How does it feel for that to happen?? He is like he is amazed every single time he gets up and does ?Oh Carolina.? he does not have to sing the song because everybody is singing the song. We got madd love over there and I have madd love and respect for Shaggy for taking me under his wing. He didn?t have to do that he can get anybody he wants to, he is an international superstar and the hardest working man I know. It was wonderful, I had never been outside the U.S. before I went over seas with him. He gave me a big opportunity and it was great.

What was your favorite country you visited?
Na?Sha: South Korea. South Korea we got to perform for the troops over there and they accepted us with open arms, even the new songs they didn?t even know, they was rockin to it. It is always always always love to get accepted in whatever you do.

Since your music is inspired from poetry are you going to write a book of poems or novel?
Na?Sha: You know what, I do want to get into that one time or another. But I want to be creative with it? I want to do something that has never been done before, I don?t even want to speak on it because somebody might take my stuff.(laughter) I want to do something like that and I am also writing a script and I have written a script for a movie I plan to submit. There are a lot of things I am planning for myself as far as writing.

What advice do you have for people who are trying to reach there dreams?
Na?Sha: Well I have to tell them along the way probably, before the right door opens three might have to close in your face. You just have to accept that as what it is, sometimes life test you. But again you have to get into the root of yourself. Nobody is gona believe in you like you. So don?t listen to nobody elses no?s, listen to your own yes?s and keep on walking because it will happen for you.

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Columbus, Ohio
Pretty Boy Floyd
Pure Records —— By: Interview by: Adeniyi Omisore


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