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Now-a-days most DJs start out by infiltrating mixtapes before learning how to control a live crowd. DJ Bedtyme357, New York?s hottest upcoming DJ, has been crushing the nightlife scene from New York to the Dirty South. Now he’s taking new steps in the mixtape and radio game. Bedtyme357 will be a name you hear in the club, on the radio and mixtapes…

What does P.F.R stand for and what services does your company provide?
DJ Bedtyme357: P.F.R stands for Partner For a Reason. We are basically club and party DJs, we also do promotion. We started out doing management at first but that kinda like fell apart, so we had to jump into something else.

Do you use vinyl or CDs when you DJ?
Bedtyme357: I am a vinyl DJ but because I help with the promotion of unsigned artist, I find myself using CDs a lot. Because a lot of artist don?t have enough money to get the material pressed up so I wind up using CDs for there music in particular. I?m a vinyl guy.

You’ve been putting out mixtapes every month, why did you start doing mixtapes?
Bedtyme357: It was a way for me to help promote the unsigned community on a larger scale and at the same time get my company name and my name out there. It was easier to break into other markets?and to break into underground radio and stuff like that by doing mixtapes. It brought more attention.

I read a quote from you that said R&B artist are hotter than the rappers in New York City. Why is that?
Bedtyme357: I still stand by that because so many rappers are trying to be like something or somebody that they heard already. R&B artist each and everyone that I have come across, have come with their own kinda twist to it.

When you are picking out R&B songs for your mixtape does it have to be a certain sound like a club banger or does it just have to be hot?
DJ Bedtyme357: It got be hot man, that?s primarily it. Because we put out different mixtapes?four to five different mixtapes per month. With the mixtapes we try to put out different joints so everybody has a variety of joints to choose from, when you walk in the store. For instance ?you see the P.F.R joint, you see Bedtyme mixtape, you see the R&B joint, you see the straight Hip Hop joint, you see the Unsigned Artist mixtape, you see the slow jams. I?m giving you options of what you can rock with.

What influences made you want to step into the DJ game?
DJ Bedtyme357: It?s kinda of funny because I was never really into music like that. I did pay attention to it but I didn?t want to be a rapper or DJ or producer. My brother was a DJ (DJ Chuck Massacure) and I was just setting up the shows for him?and then he started working longer hours and he couldn?t make the parties. We already accepted these people?s deposits so somebody had to go do the parties?so I had to learn.

You have some experience hosting radio shows like 91.9 FM (New York City), would you like to set-up a permanent residence in radio?
DJ Bedtyme357: Yea that?s my ultimate goal throughout this whole sh*t, is to get a radio show. We are in the process of working on that right now as we speak.

How do feel about the influences of technology like podcast and satellite radio, do think they are going to help open more doors for DJs?
DJ Bedtyme357: If anything it is going to help the whole music scene because it is taking it to that next level. Nobody wants to be stagnate, where they are standing in one spot the whole time. That?s like comparing Papoose and he is only selling in Brooklyn as opposed to Fabolous whose is selling in New York, Virgina, DC, Maryland?nobody wants to be stuck in one area. The whole situation with music evolving is bringing music to a wider audience that you weren?t reaching before, so you have to welcome that.

Do you prefer doing parties or mixtapes?
DJ Bedtyme357: I prefer doing parties. At the parties you get to interact with the people, you see their reaction to what your doing. There are no strings attached because if you f**k up they gonna let you know, if you doing your thing you gonna see it and they gonna let you know your doing your thing. And that to me only get me more amp?d to take it to that next level.

What was the craziest event you DJ’d so far?
DJ Bedtyme357: I think ?The Remote Lounge? when we first started doing the ?Fat Laces? on Friday nights. The very first party we had, we had a wild group from Connecticut. Female twins were having their birthday party down there?it was ridiculous.

Since you have a promotional company, what are some of the things artist can do to get to mixtape DJs and to channels such as your company?
DJ Bedtyme357: Attend a lot of these networking events, there are a million of them? Use the internet that?s probably the easiest to get at a lot of these promoters and mixtape DJs?Use the web to your advantage.

What are some of R&B artist and songs you feeling right now?
DJ Bedtyme357: Rihanna doing her thing right now?Mariah of course. Chrisette Michele out of Four Kings Productions/Def Jam she is bananas. Inasirkl, my management company got a new artist by the name of Erika Deluna that is fire. A Latin artist named Jayci on the unsigned tip.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
DJ Bedtyme357: I want to see an independent label and a radio show. Where we can start putting artist on and taking artist from the underground level and push them through the industry.

Shout out?
Inasirkl Music Group
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