Tha Beat Mizrs: Music Is More Than Beats

The future of music seems brighter than we thought. We can breathe easier now that Tha Beat Mizrs are on the scene. Plainfield, New Jersey?s own Tha Beat Mizrs have made us realize that there are still producers that go beyond the call of duty to make music instead of just a beat. Studying the movements and art of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis they have created their own style that defies the laws of contemporary producing. J-Storm and Woody, a.k.a. Tha Beat Mizrs, met in 1999 and created a chemistry that has produced fire for Missy Elliot, Tweet, Bilal, etc. got a chance to sit down with J-Storm of Tha Beat Mizrs to find out a little about this production tag team.

What distinguishes Tha Beat Mizrs from other producers?
J-Storm: Our vibe?we make people feel our music. When you hear our music you?re going to feel some kinda way. We are able to put our soul into our work and bring energy to the music. We do everything?Rock, R&B, Hip Hop. We even dabbled in Country. Our style is versatile. We write songs, make the music, and arrange the music. We do everything a real producer is supposed to do. We bring that quality control like my man Talib said. That?s what we bring to the game?that quality control. We are producers. We are the true definition to production.

Who have you worked with so far?
J-Storm: We?ve been blessed! We have worked with Tweet, Missy, Alicia Keys and Chilli and a lot of other people. We also recently had the chance to work with Bilal?he?s a cool cat.

What advice do you have for new producers?
J-Storm: Technology is only going to advance and everyone has the right to express themselves, but you have to take the time and put the work in. There are no shortcuts. But my advice to these new producers is that you have to do your homework and learn your way around the whole music industry. Even to know analog reels. I love to see these young cats do their thing, but with any young cat they lack guidance. Like when I was younger I was ruthless whether it be rapping, singing, or producing but I didn?t have vision. I like their energy. I know this eleven year old that?s crazy on Fruity Loops and he?s crazy with it. But they just need guidance like I did when I was fifteen.

Do you think R&B music is being diluted by Hip Hop or being taken to the next level?
J-Storm: I don?t think R&B is being diluted it?s evolving. Hip hop is whats poppin now. So it is only right that the two come together. But I think this is the year for R&B. I think R&B will find that sound they have been missing.

What instruments do you use?
J-Storm: I am a sound freak. I?ll use whatever is around me. I?m also a drummer. A lot of my music is based on drums. I will use any sound even something like a pencil. Anything! I?m like Kanye when it comes to sampling. I sample everything from movies to everyday sounds. I sample the right things to make my own unique sound.

Who do you want to work with in the near future?
J-Storm: Of course every producer wants to work with the big dogs like the Michael Jackson but I just want to create a new sound. I want our production and the artist style to create something fresh. I want the artist to benefit from my sound.

Who are your musical influences?
J-Storm: Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis they were true producers. We?re trying to bring it back to those days when producers did everything.

What is your favorite movie soundtrack?
J-Storm: Everyone that knows me knows I love the music from the Wizard of Oz and The Wiz?both?the black and white one. I love the music. Their my favorite movies of all-time. The music in those movies was crazy. Next time you watch one of those movies pay attention to the music.

What effect do you want your music to have on the listener?
J-Storm: I want them to be my puppet. When listeners hear my music I want them to feel what I was feeling when I was making the music. If I was upset when I was making it then when they hear my music I want them to feel upset. We want the listeners to feel what we were feeling.

Do you ever have a hard time with artist in the studio?
J-Storm: (laughter) You know what I probably to say my man Yung Kuntry. I?m under Soul Diggaz and we work with Yung Kuntry. He is a creative and talented artist that has a deal with Universal. When he came he was just that raw street lyricist that could spit from down south. But when he saw the industry somewhere along the line he became an artist. He was able to understand exactly how he wanted to do things. It is just difficult because he knows what he wants and there are so many ideas floating around the studio. But that?s my peoples we just bump heads creatively. But it?s crazy because he has been the easiest to work with. It?s fun to watch. But that?s my ni**a!

What cities and states produce the best talent?
J-Storm: I would have to say New Jersey, Philly, Detroit. The craziest talent comes out of those spots.

Timberlands or Air Force I?
J-Storm: Aww man that?s a hard question cause not only is my music unique but I?m unique. Honestly, I rather throw on a pair of Classic Adidas. I?ll even take it back to the wallabies. But if I had to choose I would have to say the Tims.

Shout outs:
Soul Diggaz
Missy Elliot
B. Howard
Andre Morton
Yung Kuntry
MusicLife Entertainment Group
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