White Tees: A Letter from a Concerned Citizen

Dear Losers,

No! This has got to come to an end! I mean how long can you play something out? The song is played out and so are they. I?m sorry, but I?m really emotional about this because I had to endure too many white tees this summer. I thought we did that last year and the year before that and the year before that! Come on already! I can?t stress this enough. Now, don?t get me wrong there?s nothing wrong with a fresh white tee every now and again (key words fresh and every now and again). But when it becomes your entire wardrobe, that?s when people like me start having something to say. You don?t have to care it?s just my opinion. Who am I? I know it isn?t easy to keep up with us ladies sometimes because we have so many fashion varieties but you can?t keep taking the easy way out. Ya?ll have to mix it up too. Show me something. Just figure out what your style is and play off of it. Trust me there are other options. It?s time to set yourself apart. You all look like one another! Boo! That?s weak. What happened to being original and an individual? Here?s a helpful hint, most ladies like men who look like men. On top all that you?ll let it get dingy and flimsy. No, no. If you have no other alternative and you just have to wear your precious white tee day in and day out at the very least make sure it?s fresh and crispy. Seriously we should aim for a new trend next summer. Fellas, I know you got it in you. If you didn?t get those numbers this time don?t go home and work on your game, go work on your gear. Well, maybe both but that?s another topic for another time. We still love ya though.

Sincerely Shekinah F. Miller aka Ms. Concerned Citizen —— By: Ms. Concerned Citizen


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