Troy Johnson: A True Leader

Music is a platform for artists to express themselves in any form or fashion. Today most artists do not consider themselves role models or mentors; they are fearful to send a ?message.? Troy Johnson daringly stands out of the crowd with a message and a voice that is adding substance to the R&B game. R&B usually takes us on a journey between sheets and desire, however Troy opens our eyes to the realities and responsibilities of love and relationships. Troy is not looking for a hit but rather a great song that other people feel in their hearts. Troy is here to give us the full experience of love, and to teach the youngsters what a true relationship is built on.

Troy was signed to Motown, RCA, and Epic as a rising star in the late 80s and early 90s with ?I Must Be Doing Something Right? song featured on the ?Blame It On Rio? film soundtrack. After his recording of several albums, Troy broke into a new genre, ?Gospel.? He had a #1 single, ?I?ll Be There With You? on the ?I Will? album. Troy?s life was altered after embarking on a journey of ministry. As an inspirational voice for others he continued to record gospel records. Despite his success Mr. Johnson took a break.

Now he is back as the Co-Owner of Sought After Entertainment, which will release his self titled debut album ?Troy Johnson.?Troy has teamed up with David Turner to start SA Entertainment. As the Co-Owner Troy says, ?I learn much more about the industry? get a closer look?I love being involved in every aspect of a project, from writing and recording to marketing and advertising? instead of just being an artist/producer. He has his hand in every part of this project; he wrote, composed and sang background vocals on the album. Troy?s involvement in his project can be compared to greats such as Ray Charles.

Troy along with Turner started a bold campaign to ?promote real love? called Stand F.I.R.M. The campaign was inspired by Troy?s first single ?It?s You?, the public awareness campaign dedicated to promoting the value and virtues of fidelity in marriage. ?I don?t need to roam/I?ve got a good right at home,? is a verse that embodies the substance of Troy?s music. Troy has created a movement through the message in his music. Songs such as ?It?s You? helps send a message that contest the idea of a ?playa? being a positive figure. Stand F.I.R.M aims to restore fidelity to marriage through education, encouragement, and empowerment of men and women, with the help of celebrity athletes? testimonials and interviews.

The direction of the album is to ?teach people how to love and be in a healthy and good relationship.? ?This CD will send you in a spell of love causing you to experience love that you?ve never had, joy that you?ve never known, peace that you?ve never felt and everything that your heart desires.? The message is simple and straightforward, Troy wants to ?promote real love.?

This is not your basic formula. Troy feels people should feel ?Encouraged, Refreshed?to look at life and step outside?to reflect on life.? He really has allowed fans into his life and gains inspirations from his ?relationships with God, [his] wife and relationships? to hopefully capture listeners. Troy wants his listener to ?feel the same way? about feelings and emotions that he was able to pour into his testimonial album.

Listen to Troy and learn from a leader. —— By: Written by: Adeniyi Omisore


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