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Family First. It is the driving force behind Shanice. After taking a break from the recording industry to get married to actor Flex Alexander and having children, Shanice is back. Feeding off the fuel from her family, she has return to R&B with her high octave voice and sparkling smile. Now that she has set-up her dream family and career, she is now eager to make “Every Woman Dreams” come alive. Greatness starts with a dream; Shanice is making dreams come true. What made you want to put out a record after the long hiatus?
Shanice: Well I started singing very young and I signed my first record deal at eleven years old. I have been singing melodies at seven months; music is in my blood once you do it is so hard not to do it. I took time off to start my family, I have a three year old daughter and a one year old son and I am married. I have been married for five and half years, so I mean music is important but family is first. I wanted to make sure I had my family before I start my music again. Once you get pregnant you have to put your career on hold, so I wanted to take time off to start family and than get back out there. How have you evolved on this album?
Shanice: On this album my experience over the years of being married and having children, I have matured me a lot. On this album I am excited, I co-wrote every song and I co-produce half of the album. This is the first time that I have ever been able to go into the studio with me and the engineer and just sing and produce my own vocals. I have always had other producers tell me not to over sing or wait till the end of the song to sing. I am like why do I have to wait to the end of the song to sing (laughter). This is the first time I have been able to do an album the way I want to do it. How is the change from a major label to an independent label?
Shanice: I love being independent (laughter). I get to do everything the way I want to do it, even with my image. When I was with the major label they brought in a stylist and said well you need to look like or cut your hair like this… now I get to do it the way I want. It’s been a breath of fresh air (laughter). I love it. I A&R the album I did not have anybody telling which song to put on the album. Who are you working with on this record?
Shanice: The team that I have for the first time is the right team; I can honestly say this is the right team. Me and my husband (Flex Alexander) started our own label (IME Records), along with industry vet Richard Nash’s (of Playtime Entertainment) and Mike Kelly. This album seems like a rebirth of your independence, what types of topics can we expect you to cover?
Shanice: I have song of course about my husband but then I have songs that are for woman. On my first single “Every Woman Dreams”, I want woman to know that they need to feel good about their selves and they don’t have to settle, they deserve the best in life and relationships. That was my focus when I was writing this album. I have a song called “So Sexy” I co-wrote with my husband and its me telling him how sexy he is.(laughter) I have a song about my father telling him that even though he wasn’t around he is very special to me, “your like a rose.” It’s one on my favorite songs on the album. I have “Keep It To Yourself”; a song I co-wrote for woman, telling woman what you do with your man is between you and him. Don’t tell all your friends and tell all your business because you might tell the wrong person and they might test the waters. I have so many songs but…the main thing is love songs and songs to empower woman. Are you going to be touring for this album?
Shanice: I will be touring for this album…but we are in the process of setting it up. Right now we want the public to hear the music first. Are you going to be signing other artist on IME records?
Shanice: Right now our focus is on this project…but we definitely want to sign other acts. This is something I have always wanted to do; I always wanted to have my own record label. I remember being on Video Soul with Donnie Simpson, I said “I want to have my own record label” I was only four-teen years old. This is a dream come true for me. Which CDs do you have in your record player right now?
Shanice: I always listen to Beyonce. I still listen to Michael Jackson’s Invincible, me and my husband drive around listening to Michael. Mariah is in there. And Omarion, my daughter love’s his single (laughter). Thank you and good luck with your album. Keep smiling…
Shanice: Thank you guys and for interviewing me. Good luck with everything —— By: Interview By: Adeniyi Omisore and Gary Gentles


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