14 12, 2017

Mylezia Focuses On Self-Worth in “Party Of One” Music Video

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Wilmington, Delaware R&B artist Mylezia drops the music video for her self-esteem building single, "Party Of One." On the Ricodaproducer-produced ballad, the singer and songwriter shine the spotlight on herself as she aims to promote self-love, despite any challenges or pains. Mylezia begins her first verse: "I don’t mean to sound too complicated, got some inner issues I am trying to face. [Read More]

19 09, 2016

Delaware-Based Songstress Mylezia Sings About How It Feels To Be ‘Lost In Love’

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Delaware-based singer Mylezia has been building quite the buzz ever since her flip of Bryson Tiller's "Exchange." Now, she's back with the new single called “Lost In Love," a slow groove (written by rapper Pauly Dinero and produced by Mantra) that explores Mylezia’s heartache towards falling in love with someone so deep that she no longer can recognize herself.

29 07, 2016

Mylezia Calls Out Men Who Like To Keep Side Chicks On New Song, ‘Number 1’

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Twenty-one-year-old R&B singer Mylezia King sends a message to the men that like to keep "side chicks" while believing their "main chick" is going to play the game. Nah!