18 12, 2016

Lindsay Lohan – Walka Not a Talka Ft. Mya & Snoop Dogg

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Lindsay Lohan kicks off her comeback with the urban single, 'Walka Not a Talka,' featuring R&B singer Mya and legendary rapper Snoop Dogg. On the 808-heavy track, the singer, actress, and model delivers confident lyrics about being a "boss bitch."

13 10, 2016

R&B Singer Mýa Advocates The Vegan Life For PETA

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No wonder 37-seven-year-old Grammy-winning singer Mýa has been defying the laws of aging! In the video for animal rights organization PETA, the R&B singer reveals how she went vegetarian (no meat) to vegan (no animal products, period).

8 02, 2016

Tune In To Mya’s Sexy ‘Afta Glow Show’

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Mya turns down the lights and turns up the sexy on “Afta Glow Show,” a snippet of the outro attached to her forthcoming Valentine’s Day project titled Smoove Jones. In her sultry airy voice, Mya yearns for a passionate night with a lover: “Suddenly I’ve got the urge to feel your body soaking wet right next to me,” she coos. [Read More]

13 02, 2015

Mya to Release Valentine’s Day EP, ‘Love Elevation Suite’ (Preview)

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Now that all the noise surrounding Mya's recent performance at a strip club has calmed, we can get back to music. The sexy singer-songwriter plans to captivate hearts on Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14) with the release of a 5-song EP, Love Elevation Suite.

21 04, 2014

Mya – Same Page Ft. Eric Bellinger (Plus Preview New EP)

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Sweet XVI is led by the single "Same Page," a collaboration with Grammy award winning artist/songwriter, Eric Bellinger, which sees the two crooning about the right kind of love, great enough to conquer any hardships.

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