Mya is Just Not a Fan of 50 Cent… Period!

It’s been almost a decade since 50 Cent threw dirt on Mya's name, but the singer-songwriter may never forgive him.

Back in 2005, 50 dropped the diss record “Not Rich, Still Lyin’”, where he impersonated The Game by spitting, “And I get bad bitches now I even f**ked Mya / (I f**ked her first Game) 50 you a liar.”

During last year’s BET Awards at the Staples Center, 50’s website,, tried to interview the starlet, but she turned them down, insisting, "Oh no, no, we can’t do that… he dissed me and I don’t support that."

Now Mya is opening up about the red carpet incident, telling VladTV she’s not a fan.

“I’m not a fan of things that project false things as well as disrespect someone’s character,” says Mya. “I don’t get down like that. I don’t appreciate that. You have to pray for people that will do anything for numbers, ratings, a song, or popularity. I don’t support certain things. So yes, I did reject.”

Mya says she never heard the record, but she also drummed up another incident where she felt the G-Unit boss was disrespectful.

“Well, I didn’t even hear the song,” she said. “I heard about it. So I had to go inspect it. Yeah. My father and I sat in a room at Violater when Chris Lighty was managing a particular artist and that artist interrupted my meeting, and my father was in the room. So, we cleared out the air and the confession was made on the other person’s part that yes they lied. But if that will ever come out from the person’s mouth, who knows? Who cares? I’ve addressed it and you have to pray for certain people.”

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