Lindsay Lohan – Walka Not a Talka Ft. Mya & Snoop Dogg

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Lindsay Lohan kicks off her comeback with the urban single, ‘Walka Not a Talka,’ featuring R&B singer Mya and legendary rapper Snoop Dogg. On the 808-heavy track, the singer, actress, and model delivers confident lyrics about being a “boss bitch.”

“See when I talk it I’mma walk it / Back it up and keep it rockin’ / I’mma shake these haters off / Straight business start takin’ charge,” Lindsey sings.

Her female companion Mya joins in on the nostalgic female anthem, insisting, “straight in The Hills, straight in the hood,” while rapper Snoop Dogg helps them get “higher.”

Lohan’s last musical project was over a decade ago. We’ll have to see what she does in 2017.

Walk with Lindsey, Mya, and Snoop:


  1. diamond December 18, 2016 at 7:46 pm - Reply

    This song was actually leaked onto Youtube years ago along with a few others for Lindsay’s as of now unreleased “Spirit in the Dark” album(the other songs leaked were “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop”, “Too Young to Die”, “Stuck” and “Stay”, part of another song “Playground” also leaked, I hope the full version of the latter song gets released, as it features Pharell) though that version sounded slightly different(Mya’s part wasn’t in the song yet), still nice to see it finally get an official release years later, I hope this means Spirit in the Dark is finally coming out, though i’m probably one of the only people on the planet that even knows or cares about Spirit in the Dark.

  2. Junior in Jamaica December 18, 2016 at 10:44 pm - Reply

    This is actually a Mya original that was to be a part of her Liberation album that was leaked in Japan that caused her to walk away from her label at the time.

    Lohan can hardly be heard on this for that same reason. More here:

  3. andyscandy big bamboo December 19, 2016 at 7:52 am - Reply

    Crapola music..lielo is tone deaf and can’t carry a tune.once she was caught lip syncing years ago and once she sang karaoke people should of stopped wanting that nasty thing to sing anything…auto tune can’t even save her….that god off chain smoking voice is horrible…like her non-existant movie career her music career is just as dead…

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