25 09, 2018

JMSN Releases Another Velvety Groove, ‘Real Thing’

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From his newest project Velvet (which dropped on Sept. 21st), Detroit-bred crooner JMSN releases the smooth single, “Real Thing.” JMSN is always good for a smooth, funky number, and “Real Thing” is no different. The song finds the soul crooner realizing he craves something deeper than surface aesthetics and fleeting pleasures. "So I've been wasting time on worldly pleasures / Forgetting what I really need, [More]

26 07, 2018

JMSN Reminds Us That ‘Talk Is Cheap’

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From his upcoming project, Velvet, Detroit-bred crooner JMSN drops the visual for the smooth single "Talk Is Cheap." JMSN is always good for a smooth, funky number, and "Talk is Cheap" is no different. The song shoos away the B.S-ers and liars, as JSMN sings, "So don't waste time tryna tell me / What you think I want to hear/ [More]

13 04, 2016

JMSN Still Doesn’t Care What You Think About His Dance Moves In ‘Most Of All’ Video

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The Detroit-bred singer/songwriter/ producer is no stranger to busting moves in his videos, and this is no exception. For most of the clip, JMSN confidently freestyle dances in an empty room with the occasional string quartet; you can’t tell him he ain’t doin it!

29 03, 2016

Snoh Aalegra Hops Onto JMSN’s ‘Cruel Intentions’ For A Soulful Remix

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JMSN's upcoming album It Is on the horizon, and he’s already dropped the soulful ditty “Cruel Intentions.” Now Swedish soul singer Snoh Aalegra has hopped onto the song for a duet/remix, and it’s everything.

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