19 03, 2019

Bonita Jalane Drops New Song ‘Magnet’

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Bonita Jalane returns with "Magnet," a song produced by Gregory Sanders and Terrance Nelson. The track sticks to Jalane's style, as it doesn't steer too far from her first single, "Retro." The video was directed by couple Kim and Ryan "Boogie" Marsh, who Bonita contacted while dealing with family health issues. The directors brought the vision to life and cast [More]

24 01, 2019

Bonita Jalane Re-Releases ‘Retro’ Video

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Bonita Jalane has been paying her dues in the R&B world for a period of time. She's a television host, singer, and songwriter. Her new video, Retro, has re-released and gained notoriety online. 'Retro' was produced by Steplon Beats and co-written by TJ the Songwriter. The song can be found on her upcoming EP, Introducing Bonita Jalane, dropping in March. [More]