Chris Brown Launches ‘Black Pyramid’ Clothing Line

Chris Brown’s brand is definitely growing. The Grammy winner’s love of art translated into Black Pyramid, a street-wear fashion line in collaboration with Pink + Dolphin founders Neima Khaila and Cena Barhaghi, allowing him to design and sketch the clothing’s graphics. The R&B hit-maker launched the line on Wednesday (Nov. 14) at the Pink Dolphin flagship store in Los Angeles with a legion of his fans.

Brown explains the name “Black Pyramid” comes from the notion that many of his work as it pertains to fashion is unknown, much like the mysteries behind the making of the ancient colossal wonders in Egypt. “We really haven’t mastered the art of making a pyramid ourselves, like the ancient ones. The black pyramid label is basically an unknown art,” he explained. “So I think my painting, my designs, whatever I do fashion wise is unknown to a lot of people.”

During the event, Brown mingled with fans and signed merchandise.

As previously reported, Brown signed with famed modeling agency Wilhelmina Modeling, in hopes of landing fashion endorsements to grow his quickly-expanding fashion empire.

In an interview with Women’s Wear Daily, Brown said, “I’m so happy to join the Wilhelmina team, which has countless successes in the industry, to explore this new avenue. Art and style has always played a significant role in my life.” The director of Wilhelmina Men, Taylor Hendrich, seconds Brown’s excitement, telling WWD that Wilhelmina is “excited to translate and extend [Brown’s] brand.”

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