Destiny Briona releases new single “No Drugs”

Talented singer/songwriter Destiny Briona – image courtesy of Instagram

The sultry artist Destiny Briona has just released her latest single, “No Drugs” on 2 June, 2022 across all the usual streaming platforms.

“No Drugs” is now the seventh single by this talented young woman. Destiny Briona has been busy in the recording studio since 2018. Singersroom also reported on her earlier single “Like Nothing” which was released earlier in May this year.

Album cover artwork for single “No Drugs” – courtesy Instagram

No Drugs” is Destiny Briona’s seventh single to be released. The song opens with a hypnotic guitar riff which underpins Destiny’s smooth vocals. Lyrics were written by the artist herself Destiny Williamson along with Abdul-Nasir Reid, William Michael Tunstall and Kelvin Nyantaki.
The song is about addiction, but addiction to love. Her lyrics convey this sentiment effectively:“I know I can never get enough.” and she hammers the message home: “Do I have to say it twice before you grasp it”. Love is like a mood altering chemical.
This song is another glimpse into Destiny’s world and it skillfully follows on from Destiny Briona’s earlier works:

“Like Nothing” (May 2022)
Ten Shots (May 2020)
Off the Radar (Sabotage) (July 2019)
No. 5 (May 2019)
Pinocchio (Feb 2019)
Legend (June 2018).

This talented and sultry young woman is clearly on the fast track to success in the R&B and hip-hop world.

Destiny Briona’s new single “No Drugs” is out now and streaming across all the usual platforms. Add it to your R&B playlists.

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