Shatia Nerisse’s music video “Didn’t Think” dropped today, featuring battle rapper GoodZ Da Animal. Her EP “D-series Vol. 2” dropped March 4th.

Shatie Nerisse’s exciting music video “Didn’t Think”, featuring battle rapper GoodZ Da Animal dropped today!

Artist, actress, podcaster and musician, Shatia Nerisse released her latest exciting EP “D-Series Volume 2” on March 4th. Today her exciting video “Didn’t Think” dropped!

Growing up in the Bronx, New York City, Shatia Nerisse lived next door to “Cover Girls” lead vocalist. The tune and the lyrics “Show me, show me you really love me” from the “Cover Girls” song inspired her to create music herself.

Shatia is embarking on an exciting musical journey with her EP D-Series which tells stories of lost love, reclaiming self love, fears about new love and knowing when its right to walk away from a relationship. A lot of her music was inspired by pain she experienced growing up in Harlem, New York and particularly the impact of her parents’ divorce. She tackles these issues head on with tracks like “Divorce”, “Do Better”, “Deep Love” and “Dishonest”. Ultimately her music is about evolving and moving forward in life in a positive way.

The artist’s musical influences include her favorite musical artist, Mary J Blige and she was an established songwriter with Groove Control Productions. Some of her earlier work has been featured on several popular cable TV shows such as VH1’s “Single Ladies”, MTV’s “Guy Code” and “Disconnected”.

The artist in her sound studio

D-Series Volume 2 is available on all the usual streaming platforms from April 22 and is one to add to your playlists.

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