R&B singer Haley Smalls releases new single “Do Better”

Singer/songwriter Haley Smalls

Singer/songwriter Haley Smalls new single “Do Better” which premiered on YouTube on February 10, 2022 and has already received over 74,000 views.

The song “Do Better” was written by Haley Smalls, produced by GC and executive produced by Megaman and Trackmasters with the music video directed by Megaman and the artist, Haley Smalls, herself.

“Do Better” which is a VNation Trackmasters film has to be one of the coolest music videos appearing in the R&B/pop crossover genre at present. The way the short film for “Do Better” sets up the story and the song really justifies the 74,000 plus views its attracted since first premiering on February 10.

The music video kicks off with a mid-century modern inspired movie opening which is quirky and fun with sepia toned shots which tells a story about love which just wasn’t good enough for our heroine, Haley Smalls. The video opens with Haley talking on a 1970s handheld landline telephone telling her old boyfriend, “Why am I still here? My friends don’t even like you”.

“Do Better” is essentially the story of a potential suitor being turned away and told to “do better”. This song is about boundaries and not putting up with less than stellar behavior from a love interest. It’s an empowering message delivered in a really fun storyline along with animated uptempo vocals. The theme of the song is best captured in the lyrics from the chorus:

Oh babe
Some things don’t change
You make mistakes


I keep asking why
You’re all the same
I go insane
Why can’t you just do better?

The artist Haley Smalls

“Do Better” is out now on all the usual streaming platforms and should be added to your playlist.

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