Songwriter/activist – Jeff Collin Suttles releases new single “Co-Op”

Co-Op from Jeff 'Collin' Suttles on Vimeo.

Jeff Collin Suttles is a New York-based writer, educator, musician and activist living in the Bronx, New York City. He is currently working for social justice in urban communities and has also worked on a digital project entitled “Black Economic Empowerment: Educating in the ‘Hood.”

musician and Co-op activist, Jeff Collin Suttles

Jeff Collin Suttles began his writing career as a member of the R&B vocal group “Mass Appeal” back in the 1990s. He writes and produces music together with independent major artists around the world. Suttles has been performing for over twenty years. He started “Mass Appeal” with his brother and his cousin and in this group, they opened up with many artists including the Notorious B.I.G. and Jay-Z.

He’s now working with another talented group of musicians called UC, which stands for Underground Collaborative and his new single, “Co-op” is a product of that collaboration. In “Co-Op”, he worked with fellow creatives to compose a record that addresses the need for sustainable socio economic development within the local communities. The opening lyrics promise that:

“Collaborative communities open up people”.

Suttles worked with both a cinematographer and director to share his vision of what a collaborative community should represent. In making the single and video, “Co-Op”, the entire community came together to create a powerful visual representation of the movement using black and white montage and imagery of people of all ages and walks of life. He wanted to write a song about how cooperative businesses and opportunities can open people up.

Clip from “Co-Op” music video

“Co-Op” starts with a rap by Berklee College of Music professor Raydar Ellis explaining what’s going on in urban neighborhoods and the song is about community enlightenment with a funky groove. Ultimately it’s about empowering local communities.

“Co-Op” premiered last month at a community development rally/video shoot held at the Black Lives Matter mural in Brooklyn.

Jeff Collin Suttle at work in the studio

“Co-Op” is out now – please support this important urban community movement by adding this song to your playlist or connecting with Jeff Collin Suttle’s Underground Collaborative team to learn more about the movement.

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