Glashrs – The Rising Artist who recently gave back to back hits

Many new artists come and go in the music industry. The huge number of artists and tough competition make only a few stay. These few remaining artists show the world the real meaning of art and talent. They show their excellence in vocals, songwriting, and melodies. These are the only things that attract the audience towards a new artist in the music industry. But how about an artist with handsome looks too? Coming from Florida, Glashrs is a new rising rockstar who is apparently winning and enhancing his fans through his magical voice and gorgeous looks. His recent song “Running” is gaining thousands of streams and plays on multiple platforms. Before that, he gave many other hits which we discuss later in the article but first let us have a brief intro about our new rockstar.

Introduction of Glashrs

Bobby De Mario, professionally known as Glashrs, is a young brilliant and dynamic artist from Vero Beach, Florida. He is a budding vocalist, lyricist, and music producer who operates independently. He is well-known for fusing the two most popular music genres, hip-hop, and EDM, to create beautiful music. Glashrs has proven himself among the outstanding musicians of his hometown as a result of his talent and high-quality music. The guy is literally enchanting his audience with his soft sweet voice and stunning looks. More and more young girls are becoming fans.

Beginning of Glashrs

Even though he was a child, Glashrs had a fervor for music. Glashrs began singing when he was the age of six. He began singing popular songs from the time to quench his desire for music. He availed every opportunity to develop and improve his songwriting and composing skills. He first excelled in creating excellent melodic vocals then he worked on honing his composing abilities, which he perfected with the assistance of his twin sister Cory De Mario. Soon Glashrs drew inadvertent praise and popularity from many as he was devoted to music at such a young age.

Glashr’s history showed that he was not only gifted with abilities but he worked very hard to achieve perfection. He showed the world that only a sweet voice is not enough for a singing career. Many people consider this profession the easiest. For such people, Glashrs proved with his struggles that you need lofty practice to become the best. You need writing practice for writing good lyrics and not cringing, you need vocal practice to write your sound pitches for songs and you need an artistic approach to flow with music beats. That is how a star shines in the crowd of huge stars.

Work of Glashrs

Glashrs has been a professional musician for three years. He only published a few songs, but three of them were hits: “Running,” “Crazy,” and “Lightning.” These three songs received a lot of praise, devotion, and streaming from a large number of people, prompting him to become a fan. These admirers are now following him on Instagram to stay up to date on his new song. On just one prominent platform, Spotify, Glashrs’ song “Running” has over 17k streams and 7.5k listens. The song features a brilliant fusion of hip-hop and electronic dance music. It’s a nice sound to listen to when relaxing and enjoying the late winter nights. Glashrs collaborated with UNOWAY, a great artist known for hits such as M.A.F. and Swervin, among others.

Upcoming Project

Glashrs stated that he is prepared to do the work necessary to achieve his goal of winning a Grammy Award or being nominated for a top 100 Billboard song of the year nomination. With his twin sister, he is currently working on the development of a new song called “Falling.” He composed this song on his own and stated it to be one of his and his sister’s favorites. “There was something about the lyrics and catchiness of Falling that was so real to us,” Glashrs explains. His buddies Chase & Liam from GoodDay Tunes, a popular pair from Orlando, Florida, will create the tune. Despite their inexperience, these lads thrive in pop, house, and EDM.


Glashrs is one of the artists who are sincere and dedicated to their profession. He loves making music which can be seen in his work; no cringe, no bad tunes. We believe he is the next rockstar. If you have not listened to any of his songs yet, go now and enjoy the audio nirvana. All of his songs are available on popular music websites such as YouTube, Spotify, and Deezer. Links are given below.

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