JaVonte drops new album “Where have you been?”

On December 15, R&B and soul singer/songwriter JaVonté released his new album, “Where have you been?” with 13 tracks:

1. Where have you been (introlude)
2. The Truth
3. Dreams
4. Free to Roam
5. Outta Town
6. Tae’s Interlude
7. Helium Balloon
8. Start Over
9. Where have you been (outrolude)
10. Running Back
11. Limbo
12. Used to Be
13. The Truth (Acapella)

This new album includes production from Tae Beast (Kendrick Lamar – Element), Iman Omari (Kaytranada – 2 The Music), Jairus Mozee (Jazmine Sullivan – Price Tags) and new tracks with features from Alex Isley (Good & Plenty) and Ill Camille (NPR Tiny Desk 2018).

“Where Have You Been?” album artwork

The self-described musical and visual storyteller kicks off the album with the title track, “Where have you been?”. The lyrics capture the intensity of emotion after you find that special person in your life:

Wasn’t looking for love
I’d given up
Then there it was
Hit me like a movin’ truck
Such a powerful energy
Pulled me in like gravity
You’re what I’ve been needing all this time.
Thought I was doing fine.
You’re like the missing puzzle piece
Yeah, you just fit.
Where have you been?

The track “Running Back” features JaVonté and Alex Isley. “Limbo” features Ill Camille and a faster, more upbeat tempo with the same smooth vocals. Every song on this album tells a story about relationships and seeking an authentic connection with the object of our desires – particularly in the single “The Truth”. In “Dreams” he takes the road less travelled and wonders what it means “to finally find your dreams”.

“Free to Roam” is about letting the other person follow their own path with no repercussions – it’s about essentially letting go.

You can also catch JaVonté who is featured on the following tracks from other prominent R&B artists:

IDK – 3018091821
Ab-Soul – Empathy
Kendrick Lamar – Mortal Man
Syd – Moving Mountains

JaVonté’s remastered album, “Where Have You Been (Remastered Deluxe)” is out from Wednesday, December 15, 2021 on all the major streaming platforms.

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