Canadian singer-songwriter Asahavari

Canadian newcomer, Ashavari releases first EP “BitterSweet”

The South Asian singer-songwriter and Toronto native, Ashavari has just released her new first EP, “BitterSweet” which includes four tracks: “Frustrated”, “Sweeter” and “Rewired Heart” and “VIP”. All four songs were written by the artist, Ashavari Anna Joshi, and “Frustrated” was done in collaboration with Adrian Mitchell. She did all her own vocal arrangements on her own and recorded the EP from home.

The EP features producers, Abraham Lilson, Brenner Comas, Jesse Just-Costa and QREEPZ. The EP was mixed and mastered by both QREEPZ & Yuri Koller of RCR Studios.

Image alt text: A clip from Ashavari’s music video, “Frustrated”

Ashavari’s debut EP tells a story about her own healing journey and recovery from trauma from physical and sexual abuse. This four song EP is a snapshot of her life when she first started the healing process.

The EP and particularly the sublime music video for “Frustrated” really showcases the Asian cultural influences in both the song, the arrangements and the choreography. Ashavari’s unique sound and her impressive vocal range explores neo-soul and lo-fi pop vibes with elements of electronic fusion and future bass. All four songs sit confidently in the alternative R&B pop genre and style.

Ashavari’s brand identity uses anime-inspired artwork for all four tracks to deliver a powerful visual statement about her own personal identity and the narrative of her own life.

The music video for “Frustrated” was directed and styled completely by the artist, Ashavari, herself on a limited budget. She successfully managed to complete filming even in the midst of pandemic lockdowns in Canada, admitting that this was a challenging process.

Despite these considerable obstacles, the music video “Frustrated” is a powerful expression of her frustration with the disappointment she has experienced in unfulfilling relationships, and the video opens with the lyrics:

“I keep on giving but I can’t get it back

I keep reciprocating love that never lasts

Whenever you get close I swear the time gets fast

I keep on giving but I can’t get it back.”

In “Frustrated”, Ashavari asks:

“Is it wrong to think that I deserve more?

Is it wrong to feel like your love is unsure?

“Frustrated” was produced, mixed and mastered by Seattle-based producer QREEPZ.

Canadian singer-songwriter Ashavari
Canadian singer-songwriter Ashavari

Ashavari is a natural performer and her musical training started very early. The singer-songwriter and model was born in Mumbai, India and her family immigrated to Toronto, Canada when she was a child.

Her unique musical style blends her Indian-Asian influences with R&B pop and the neo-soul genre. She is a versatile singer with an impressive vocal range and she has also shared the stage with progressive metal bands in her native Canada such as Sonata Arctica & The Agonist.

She now finds that her smooth, sultry vocals are firmly established in the R&B pop and neo-soul musical genres.

Ashavari first appeared on the music scene as a solo artist in 2019. She collaborated with Gold artists and former NEW CITY singer, Adrian Mitchell, known for his work with Timbaland. In 2020, she was featured on “I OWN IT” by Seattle hip hop artist, HI-DEF and producer Qreepz. The song hit 10,000 streams in a month and got radio play on Spoon 107.5.

Ashavari has graced the stage of many iconic venues in Canada like The Opera House, The Velvet Underground, The Rivoli and Petit Campus Montreal both as a singer and model-dancer.

She’s also walked the runway for Fashion Art Toronto, a prestigious alternative fashion show. She has also appeared as backup dancer for Dorian Electra in 2018, where Rina Sawayama was headlining.

Ashavari’s “Frustrated” is the first single from her debut EP, “BitterSweet” which is out now.
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