Tahj Williams releases new single “Vibe”

Tahj Williams-Ayers is an upcoming singer-songwriter based in Brooklyn, New York. The 25 year old California-native, Tahj, released his new single “Vibe” on November 8, 2021.

“Vibe” is an R&B pop ballad with a big vocal finish. The instrumental melody and tempo is hypnotic and Tahj’s vocal performance is just magical.

Tahj is a self-described “male diva” and he penned the lyrics to “Vibe” which opens with:

“Tell me what I’m supposed to do
With these memories.
Tell me what I’m supposed to do.
When you’re not here with me”.

In “Vibe”, Tahj sings:

And baby, if you’re out there. Can you hear me?
And baby, if you’re out there. Are you near me?
Just in my grasp, but just like the wind, you slip away”.
I wish I could go back in time.
I wish I could press rewind.

“Vibe” is really a haunting love song. It’s about a desire to be connected with your loved one in a meaningful way or seeking to reconnect with a lost love. As an R&B romantic ballad, “Vibe” gives us a hint of the prodigious talent of this upcoming young artist.

“Vibe” was written byTahj Williams-Ayers, the beat was provided by 20dollarbeats.com and recorded at Little Pioneer Cider House.

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YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJMMihd-igM&t=1s
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/internationalpopstar0529/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/IAmtheMaleDiva


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