Obeeyay releases new single “Winnin”

Listen to “Winnin'” here

Obeeyay has released his new single, ‘Winnin’‘ which features the guest vocals of King Los, a lyrical rap veteran from Baltimore, Maryland. Obeeyay is a 25 year old singer/songwriter working across the musical genres: R&B, pop and hip-hop. Obeeyay’s musical style is a combination of Bazzi and Khalid meets Sean Kingston.

Winnin’ is the follow-up release after Obeeyay’s debut single “Make you Mine” with Wonderwild Records. Obeeyay honed his skills by working as a songwriter from his early teens while growing up in Utah and moving to Los Angeles – a move encouraged by his parents who could see the opportunities there.

After working with many other artists (primarily writing their material), he returned to his native state of Utah where he focused on build his career as a solo artist.

However, while working in the LA scene, Obeeyay worked behind the scenes with music superstars such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. He has also worked with other R&B luminaries such as with Brandy, Queen Latifah and Jojo.

Fans will recognize Obeeyay’s performance from the remake of Sunflower from the blockbuster, Spiderman film, “Into the Spider Verse”. The Sunflower Cover – Spiderman featuring Obeeyay and Yahosh now has well over 3 million views on YouTube.

Since the release of his first single, “Make you Mine”, Obeeyay has been busy working on a series of pop compositions which cross the genres of R&B, pop and hip-hop. His music also a commentary upon the ups and downs of his own love life. Part of his talent lies in being able to create radio-friendly music which really shows off his extensive vocal range – as well as choosing the right back-up talent for his music.

“Winnin’ opens with an electronic (almost steel drums percussion arrangement) and moves right into the opening lyrics:

“In the club, we always winnin’

The hypnotic beat and Obeeyay’s smooth vocal styling will make this single really popular in both the clubs as well as those wanting an easy-listening R&B track with the positive uplifting message in the chorus:

“I know I’m winnin when I’m with you.”

As Obeeyay, says:

“It’s how you sculpt that clay—the beats, the melodies, and the words—that matters.”

His second single, “Winnin’ really shows his mastery of all three.

Obeeyay is considered one of the hottest live performers in his home state of Utah and has performed for large crowds at the Utah Jazz games. His second single. “Winnin’” will undoubtedly cement his reputation as a hot new player on the R&B scene.

Listen to “Winnin'” here

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