RockstarRican Is One Of The Hottest Upcoming Rappers Out Of Richmond, Virginia

“Like This”

Professionally known as RockstarRican was in the studio during this pandemic getting ready to drop some new heat from the studio. He has been unable to do shows out of state due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but looking into the future he knows he will be back on the road.
He has a few new untitled singles in the vault that are getting ready to be released on all platforms.

He has been working on music for the past 2 years. It can be difficult for some aspiring artist to just jump into the music industry, but for RockstarRican, he was able to jump right in and grab the attention of multiple record label execs such as Aaron Reid (Hitco Music), Kevin Liles (300 ent) and Andrew Grant (Atlantic Records Dir of A&R).

Work Plans
RockstarRican plans to launch a record label in the near future as well, since he has established many new relationships, opportunities, and plans to put together a team. Stay tuned for what RockstarRican drops next.
He is currently focusing solely on releasing new singles rather than projects because he had a phone discussion with “Wendy Day,” best known for helping Cash Money land their largest deal. She urged him to keep dropping singles and marketing them. He tries to maintain a level head and work hard for everything he wants in life.

Born Rockstar
He records his music in his home studio and then distributes it on social media. He doesn’t require the support of a record company, producer, or publisher to succeed. If you think this is motivational, you’re right. This young artist from Richmond serves as an inspiration to many young people who aspire to be successful in this industry.
His path is setting the stage for the underground rap culture to gain recognition on its own. He’s demonstrated that even in a fiercely competitive sector like hip-hop, artistic zeal and resourcefulness are enough to build a name.
“Rock” was the first song he recorded in his home studio. He shared a sample on Instagram with his small group of buddies. But his video quickly went viral, with over 300,000 views on the internet. “Extraterrestrial,” his EP, has received over 150k streams across multiple streaming platforms. But he may be most known for his tune “Hot Hot,” whose strong hook made it an instant hit with fans.

“Like this”
His “Like this,” one of his most recent songs, broadens his horizons as an artist and allows listeners to see his musical diversity. In addition, he plans to collaborate with Felie540 on a new track.
His future collaboration is in the works as he establishes himself as among the most promising hip-hop artists to have emerged from Richmond, Virginia, in recent years. To stay up to date on upcoming music releases, follow him on every one of his social media platforms.
Romique Thompson was born in Richmond, Virginia, on April 3, 1996. He looked up to African-African rappers like Drake, Boosie Badazz, and Lil Wayne when he was younger. He aspired to be like them since he was a boy, rising from obscurity to the pinnacle of achievement. In 2016, he went to a recording studio for the first time to record his first song.

Career in music
The musician realized that if he wanted to pursue a career in music, he needed his recording studio. It wasn’t easy, but he put in extra hours and saved some money until he could afford the essential equipment. Finally, he was able to turn his bedroom into a little recording studio. Since then, this is where the rapper has written all of his hit songs.

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