Featuring Garrett Tyler’s new single “Lady”

Listen to “Lady” https://soundcloud.com/garrett-tyler-3/lady/s-u6uDgv2dL5M?si=03f161c8f76e442aaa7cfc4433e79d6a

On October 29, 2021, the talented multi-instrumentalist, Garrett Tyler, released his new R&B, soul single, “Lady” which tells the story of the pursuit of true love. It does this by using a dream sequence with young lovers making out in a car but they are seeking a truly connected, meaningful romantic experience. The sensuality in expressed with lyrics like:

“I’m thinkin maybe, You’d be my lady / Not just my daydream (echo), Don’t want nothin but you” ~ Lady

“Lady” combines pop production, hypnotic drum beats with organic R&B melodies with quite complex sounding arrangements. This exquisite single starts with tingling instrumentals and morphs into the mellow sounds of the saxophone, guitar, percussion and smooth vocals. Garrett Tyler is a skilled and versatile musician, playing several instruments. But it is his haunting vocals which will mesmerize the listener most.

Nashville-based Garrett has supported prominent country and R&B artists as well as appearing and performing on Late Night with Seth Meyers. Garrett has worked with some of the following artists: R.LUM.R, Casting Crowns, Fleurie, J. Human, Josh Wilson, Finding Favour and others appearing all around the world. He has also opened for some bigger country/R&B musical names including: The 1975, Tim McGraw, Keith Urban, Sam Hunt and Blake Shelton.

Garrett currently plays for Judah and the Lion, for King & Country, Local Sound, Pink Laundry, Jagwar Twin and Christy Nockels.

Garrett Tyler believes that individuality is only truly realized through collaboration and community and he hopes that this music will help people understand themselves and others more authentically. Tyler wants to make the world a better place and he uses his music to achieve this.

Check out Garrett’s new single “Lady” out now on Soundcloud. https://soundcloud.com/garrett-tyler-3/lady/s-u6uDgv2dL5M?si=03f161c8f76e442aaa7cfc4433e79d6a

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