Lovandre – “Don’t Have To Stop”

The song starts with a very soulful R&B line that draws the listener in by asking questions about his lovers intentions of staying in the relationship. The simple R&B melody keeps flowing through the verses and bridges throughout the song, a rap verse kicks in that works in a complimentary way to the R&B line of the song adding a creative element to the songwriting.

Taking the strongest points of the sounds of some of 2021’s biggest artists such as The Weeknd, Bryson Tiller and Kanye West, then adding his own soon-to-be globally recognized vibe, Lovandre has created a sound that is both familiar yet fresh and new, the perfect recipe for an artist poised to have generational success.

Strong emotional lyrics gives “Don’t have to stop” a raw authenticity. The soulful new single has an mellow vibe and is a story of love lost or on the verge of being lost. Misunderstandings and unforfilled expectations, yet the song ends with ‘to be continued’ – is there more tho this song? can our hero come back victorious? This song might just be a potential hit single.

In R&B music, there is a line between R&B and Hip-Hop that performers try to cross. R&B musicians are always looking for a way to diversify their sound and use different techniques. “Don’t Have to Stop” by Lovandre is a perfect example of R&B singers taking a different approach with their songwriting. The song starts with a simple R&B melody but transitions into rap verses halfway through the song.

In this R&B Music Review, I’m going to say this was an attempt by Lovandre to find a way to appeal both to R&B and rap fans. And it looks like he is succeeding, it seems as if R&B fans have been more receptive because the song has been getting steady airplay on R&B channels all Summer. R&B fans are trying to get hip-hop back, which is why R&B singers are trying to get R&B sounds in their songs.

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