Rufus has a new single out “Taking Flight”

Rufus MacKay Is Taking The R&B World By Storm. He is one of the most intriguing new musicians on the R&B music scene. Rufus is a native of the southwestern part of England.

He has been obsessed with music his entire life and has been writing music and singing since he was a little boy. In fact, when he was a teenager, he began playing at local venues around his hometown of Wiltshire.

Recently. Rufus released a couple songs that have been making their way across the radio stations in England. One song, “Taking Flight” has caught the airwaves in England and abroad. It is a great song that is worth of an R&B Music Review or two.

The music for the song, “Taking Flight” has a beat that is catchy, and the tempo is right in the middle. It is a great song for dancing, cleaning, driving, or just sitting back and relaxing.

The lyrics of “Taking Flight” are also amazing. Rufus sings about what it means to work towards reaching your goals and the challenges that are faced along the way. The words are heartfelt and there is not a single vulgar or offensive word in the entire track.

Rufus’ music career, like his song, is taking flight and surely soon to soar. His soothing voice and amazing song writing abilities are sure to have him on the R&B radio waves for quite some time.

Rufus is also sure to be the subject of many R&B Music Reviews in the future as the world falls in love with his talent.

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