PTtheGospelSpitter’s New Single “Live in Me” (Feat. Miquel)

Ashante P.T. Stokes is better known by his fans as PTtheGospelSpitter, the self-proclaimed “bad boy of gospel.” He’s released a new track called “Live in Me” featuring Miquel that’s all about forgiveness, hope, and living a life with God within you. As an independent rhythm and gospel artist, the Gospel Spitter has shown once again that he’s devoted to using his unique musical talent to glorify the name of the Almighty.

The lyrics to “Live in Me” take the listener on a personal journey between the Gospel Spitter and God, describing his desires and concerns about leading a life with God living within him. The result is a message that anyone can relate to, causing you to think about your own life and relationship with God through the Gospel Spitter’s vocals.

The song’s vibe varies from gratitude, expressing the joy of living a life connected to God, to pleading that He never forsake you. The Gospel Spitter sets an ambitious goal in the lyric, “Just live in me daily!” In this line and several others throughout the song, P.T. is saying that he wants to feel God’s presence in his life and in his very soul every single day, a noble goal for any Christian.

PTtheGospelSpitter started his career as a backing vocalist for a variety of hip hop and R&B projects. From these humble beginnings, the Gospel Spitter has paved his own way to stardom by capturing the hearts of listeners through his earnest lyrics and infectious beats. The experience of listening to PTtheGospelSpitter’s work is like a new way of going to church. The Gospel Spitter has gone on to be recognized by the Gospel Music Association and awarded with their highest honors.

If you’re looking for a song that brings you closer to God while making you want to get out of your chair and move, “Live in Me” and the rest of PTtheGospelSpitter’s work is definitely something to check out.



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