‘1 AM on Peachtree’ by ‘Davis Chris & Mr Foster’

‘1 AM on Peachtree’ by ‘Davis Chris & Mr Foster’

The album kicks off to an incredible start with ‘Bac N My Bed’ and ‘Ooo Baby’, which got me pumped up and ready to enjoy each new number that followed. With their catchy melodies and intentional layering of sound, I couldn’t help but sing along and sway with the beat.

The collection as a whole includes many other great songs which dug deep and tugged at my emotions. ‘Sensual’ explores those butterflies we all experience when all we want at the moment is to make someone feel as good as they make us feel. ‘Melanin’ spoke of the beauty within putting emphasis on the art that is each and every one of us. I found myself holding back tears as I smiled and hit replay over and over again.

Davis Chris and Mr Foster produce shocking harmonies that create goosebumps and chills. Accompanied by stunning female vocals and other fantastic featured artists, this album rounds out to a sick playlist of repeat-worthy hits. The rolling instrumentals and smooth vocals mix seamlessly with clean transitions into each new harmony. A fresh R and B sound perfectly blends with the conversational overlays spread throughout the album.

There is no way to pick a favorite as every melody is uniquely beautiful and the drop at the start of each track hits like a satisfying drum kick in your stomach. The fact that I keep going back for more even as I write this has me wrapping up this R and B Review with two giant thumbs up. I’m definitely adding this one to my summer drive playlist and I can’t wait to see what Davis Chris and Mr Foster create next.

Music: https://sym.ffm.to/1amonpeachtree