Ryah “Doing” it in Style

As is the case with most of today’s music, the slick production of Ryah’s new single “Doing”– produced by Grammy-nominated producer @KPDitIt– is both intricate and formulaic, rich and stimulating. In an age where autotune is King, many artists rely on a dazzling beat to distract the world from subpar lyrics, vocals– often both– or delivery. In Ryah’s case, however, she is not a subpar artist hiding inside layers of smoke and mirrors post-production. Ryah emerges with a sound that is familiar– reminiscent of Chloe X Halle and Elle Mai, her airily seductive vocals slink hypnotically over the instrumental as if melting into it.

The accompanying music video aesthetic is cutely quirky, incorporating dance set ups with background dancers to give a cool throwback vibe. Reminiscent of a bridal party girly-ing in a dressing room or a lingerie slumber party romp that could remind some viewers of Ariana Grande if she merged with Rihanna during her S&M era, the video ends with her decked in lace at the window as her lover pulls into the driveway. Confident on camera, Ryah shows the potential of a promising entertainer.

The message of the song is clear– a young woman wants more security on “what we doin'” in a relationship that was presumably casual and amiable, yet lacked clarity. A seductive call to accountability, she croons to remind her lover he should make clear his intention and their status as he knows she is apparently a rare catch, ready to devote herself with “all [her] love.” An admirable effort overall for an independent artist, and a catchy song that made it a pleasure to submit this R&B Music Review.

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