“The Love Album” from the creative energies of Savoy Ellis

If you are a lover then “The Love Album” from the creative talent of Savoy Ellis is a must listen. An eclectic smooth collection of songs all with one theme running through them: love. Many influences are evident all melded together in a musical feast, gospel, 70s Soul and Soft Rock and Jazz. It is a modern sound yet it is unique, with a quality of it’s own.
Savoy is a singer who has turned his hand at songwriting and producing and the result speaks for itself. With the album also comes a ‘minimovie’ which forms a story for the album creating a wholistic experience.
The album features from talented singers like Breland, Remey Williams, Blaze Johnson Jr. and Derran Day to name but a few.
The lead single is “Favorite Song” which is a soul and afro-beats infused dance song. The cool and catchy beat of ‘Favorite Song’ will make it your favorite song – come to me I am prepared, perfect timing tonight when the vibe is strong. Pretend it is your favorite song
‘Over and over Again’ – describes a rollercoaster relationship in a beautiful duet “could this be the end?”
The smooth retro sounds of ‘Sunset Daydream’ drifting into dreaming of his baby who is like the beauty of the sky at sunset.
In ‘Memories’ the pain of trying to fight it but knowing it is only a matter of time… memories of a broken dream is all we have
Another beautiful duet featuring Derran Day and Natasha Shantel is ‘Where are you Love’ – he was looking for love in all the wrong places, don’t we all. A great beat you will find yourself singing along
Game Night, Game Changer – two old friends reunite and a lovely voice is heard “ Hey who’s that?!” smooth song with voice harmonies talking about fate bring people together – will become another favorite.