Sonta Unveils New Visual for “Picture This” Featuring Ann Marie. New Project CHOCOLIT Out Now

With a title like “Picture This,” just the very name of Sonta’s new single begins to pique one’s interest and allows the mind’s eye to wander. That’s a good thing. Best of all, the song does not disappoint musically and the visuals are stunning (again, great for a song titled “Picture This”). Let’s get into this edition of the R&B music review.

As first listen, when the track drops, you are immediately brought back to the days of BET’s Midnight soul songs. Not to be dated by that old-school feel in her sound, however, Sonta is undoubtedly a modern R&B artiste. On “Picture This” he skillfully pairs her soulful voice with a modern flow and seamlessly floats over the often inimitable old-soul instrumentation. It’s a fitting combination, however, as lyrically, “Picture This” graphically and skillfully explores sexual liberation, powerful womanhood, and the intoxicating highs of sex.

SPeaking of lyrics, Sonta is one of those rare R&B singers whose wit, and raw ‘street’ appeal make her comparable to the best rappers in the game. The singer-songwriter has ‘bars for days,’ and her lyrical take on R&B storytelling is refreshing and welcomed within the genre. With her unique combination of skills, it is hardly surprising that she goes more viral with each release. “Picture This” is proving to be no different in this regard.

While Sonta is great all by herself, this track has a worthy feature from Ann Marie. Ann Marie is an equally talented artiste whose voice and vocal style flows just effortlessly over the beat. It also dosn’t hurt that she is able to match Sonta as a dancer and visually stunning artiste. The combination between the two ladies made for a compelling song and visual. So much so, that when listening only to the track, the song flows seamlessly from one singer to the next. In a similar manner, the visuals which only feature the two ladies has nothing missing.

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