Philadelphia-based Musician, Moses Mosima, Shares Vivid Journey Through Heartbreak and Self-Love on 9-Track Project ‘Cul De Sac’

Honestly, I was looking forward to Moses Mosima’s new offering and Cul De Sac didn’t disappoint. Mosima, who is of Cameroonian and Filipino descent, is known for laid-back and catchy RnB tunes so this album delivered on all those expectations and then some. The song is the perfect soundtrack to summer especially for those times when you just want to slow down and catch up with friends after the year that we just had. Great, laid-back vocals and catchy melodies with lyrics that are clear enough to sing along to make this album a fun addition to any playlist.

R&B Music Review

The beat is catchy, light and the melody is something that is easy to follow if you are the type who likes to sing along. It starts off with a distinct 80s vibe and I like how the percussion in the background add to that 80s feel. Ride the beachy melody until the end and try to spot the guitar riff that caps the song off– the way it flows definitely brings back late ’90s feels that will transport nostalgic millennials back in time.

The first song gives you a taste of how the singer wants the entire album to sound like: minimalist, back to basic with vocals and instruments that allow you to really enjoy his voice without missing the beat. Even more impressive is the fact that he produced the entire album himself. I think this is partially why this album feels personal, authentic and all that makes the song and entire album so easy to make your own.

Cul de Sac is the first single in the album and is definitely a signature song and vibe. Mosima pretty much has established his style as driven by light melodies, solid lyrics and a versatile arrangement that makes his songs so relatable. If you haven’t found your summer chill single yet this definitely deserves a top spot.