Donell Jones Releases New Single “Karma (Payback)”

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Smooth and everything that you love about R&B, Donnell Jones is a total throwback to every one of your favorites from back in the day. If “Karma (Payback)” does not take you back to a time in your life when music was really music and lyrics were really heartfelt, that feeling of being alone in your room, pouring your tears into your pillow… maybe you never had your heart broken.

This song just screams in soulful, soft melodies that you may still have love for that person but you really want them to have to feel the way that they made you feel. If you have ever went through a really bad breakup, this song will resonate with the deepest parts of you that you thought you locked away inside a box.

Perfect for a study session or just that song you need to hear to remember not to text that guy or girl back ever again, Donell Jones will help you get over whatever hell you are going through by reminding you that what goes around… comes around. He even touches on “hiding your phone” and I think that we have all been there before. If you are there now… leave!

We cannot wait to see what else, Donell has to say in his next release. With throwback feels like this we can only expect the very best.



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