Kea Michaels Releases “Holla If You Hear Me”

Listen now:

The Radio Edit Fade of Kea Michaels’ “Holla If You Hear Me” is off the charts! This jam has an infectious jazzy beat with stunningly beautiful vocals. As a slickly crafted R&B number, this song is Sade-esque with Michaels’ melodic voice that is unique and mesmerizing. I love the way Kea flows from one lyric to another with an incredible celebration of music and style. This ballad brings me back to those romantic nights in New York City just sipping on some wine and taking in the sights under the starry night.

“Holla If You Hear Me” has the and charisma of George Benson with the captivating style and sound of Anita Baker. Don’t get me wrong –Kea Michaels has a unique, distinct voice that captures the heart, soul, and essence of love songs and R&B. She is a fantastic singer and lyricist with a strong following on social media and fan base. The lovely, vivacious Michaels has incredible range and truly knows how to compel the audience. “Holla if You Hear Me” is a musical journey that will leave you wanting more. I have this song on repeat, and it gets better every time I hear it.

If you love old-school R&B romantic ballads with a contemporary vibe, this one is it! There is something magical about this track — it combines elements of modern R&B with vintage styles that just melt your heart and dazzle the earbuds with each listen. I am definitely a Kea Michaels and fan and urge you to listen to her latest single by clicking on the link below.




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