Carlehr Swanson Releases “I Want You” Single

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This R&B music review found this old school sound tasty and dripping with sweetness. Carlehr Swanson has a unique voice that takes us through this love song with finesse.

Over and over she woos us with her declaration, “I want you…” Her deep nearly bass voice holds the long notes with ease as the multiple male voices create a pleasant layer of sound imitating by gone groups like the Four Tops, The Impressions, and the Drifters. Her voice is unique but entrancing. He vocal undulations adds great texture to the song.

Carlehr Swanson is a recent Miss Virginia Talent Winner and a Jazz Vocalist studies major at George Mason University and the University of Miami. She is both a pianist and a vocalist who combines all her education in the delivery of this old school sound. Stepping a little to the left, she moves into R&B/Hip Hop with much of her music, yet this is her first release, a reminder of the days when R&B groups consistently topped the charts.

This is her debut into professional music. She will be releasing her first EP soon. Until then, listeners will have to wait patiently for her next song. She is sure to be as prolific with the production of songs as she is talented. Reminding us of Anita Baker with her unique vocal talent, she is sure to release more music with chart topping potential oozing out of each note.

Listen now:

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