Bashir Hogue Releases Love Factor EP

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This is a R&B music review of Bashir Hogue’s “Love Factor” EP. Containing eleven songs running 41 minutes and 25 seconds, the EP ranges from soothing to demanding in its lyrical composition. The music is awesome, very akin to Prince and his many musical incarnations.

You can hear some of Prince’s influence in “Mine (Fireflies)” in the pace of the song and the high notes Hogue reaches quite successfully as he sings, “I just want you just to be mine!”

“Jill Scott (Worth It)” is the fourth song giving us 4:12 minutes of a melody transforming his serenade to his lover into a classic song. You can feel this song’s intensity, its pain, its joy, and its intense need to receive back what is freely given away. This song reeks of emotion.

“Victoria” has lyrics that clearly describes this queen. “Tell me what’s your secret.” Heavy on bass, it lures you into his quest for knowing how Victoria is so successfully seducing him. The bass is the ideal instrument to take along on this journey.

Monstea (Auction) a real Monster is a singing/spoken song that has a determined beat heard throughout the song. It mimics a heartbeat that never stops. The bidding for your immortal soul begins and is sold to the gentlemen in the back, next up is fortune… The lyrics are interesting, and the song is winning despite its odd ending.

“Heal You” fits less in the general theme of Love Factor than the other songs, but it has merit. It is a song on the level of a plea, although he’s asking to heal her. He’s doing her a favor, but it’s him that’s pleading. It’s got the sound of a sound track for a love tragedy.

“Higher (Soul Glow)” sounds a little like “Graffiti Bridge” in the way the song flows, its highs, its lows, and the spoken words. It’s a totally different take on the theme. The soul is being watched glow and Prince never mentioned the soul in his song.


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