Alexis Finley Releases EP – “Sensitive Savage”

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With her latest EP being released only a little over a year after dropping her debut EP, 2019’s Recovery, it is clear that Alexis Finley is showing no signs of slowing down. Her latest offering Sensitive Savage makes this edition of our R&B Music Review.

Structurally, this offering is much unlike its predecessor that had an intro track and featured a rapper. Instead, Sensitive Savage gets right into the music and features Finley, herself, in all her glory. Like its predecessor, however, this offering continues the familiar journey of great songwriting coupled with her signature sublime production floating below her smooth, fluttery, vocals. Working out on her own imprint, Finley this time around further modernizes the kind of sound that made the late 90s and early 2000s R&B stars like Aaliyah, Ashanti, Tweet, and Truth Hurts as popular as they were in the genre — further lending to the familiarity of her sound. This familiar feel along with Finley’s uncanny ability to sound ‘street’ and club-friendly while maintaining soulful, vocal flows allows her to create a sound and commit to steadfastly pursuing a lane that is all her own.

The EP’s title perfectly embodies Finley’s lyrical approach on this project as she takes the independent woman route without producing perspectives devoid of any sort of vulnerability and ‘feelings;’ notions that are shied away from by her contemporaries in today’s R&B music. She explores her own brokenness and heartbreak from betrayal in love. Yet, as the project progresses, it is clear that she is the type to heal wholly and fully and remain strong, forthright, confident, and for all intents and purposes ‘savage’ — all while remaining sensitive and in her Feelings (track 3).

Even the interlude – Time Wasted – which follows the opening track Good Morning Regret – is intentional and aptly placed. By the time we get to the end of Broke It (the project’s 4th track), we see Finley taking the reins of her confidence and sensuality again on Talk That (track 5). By the time we get to the closing tracks Like Me (number 6) and Can’t Deny (number 7), we see a no-nonsense woman who is in full control. A woman who has managed to hold on to both her vulnerability and confidence. She knows what she wants and is unafraid to walk away from what she does not want – like a true Sensitive Savage. This could be a movement. This is the kind of project that you listen to from start to finish to fully embrace the story. Thankfully, the songs are great and there are no skips on this project. A solid project.

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